Mya, Kelly Rowland Spotted In Vegas

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that celebrities are vacationing in Las Vegas this summer. From Enrique Iglesias to Jay Z and No Doubt, now add Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, Tha Row boss Suge Knight and Mya.

Kelly and Suge were spotted dining at separate tables at N9NE Steak House at the Palms on Sunday. And at the Palms’ ghostbar, Mya and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brandy were spotted dining with separate parties.

Guy Chambers On Robbie Williams Split

Guy Chambers tells Radio 4 he and Robbie Williams fell out after the singer became obsessed with money.

“There were a few reasons we fell out. We had been together for six years, we even went on holiday together,” he explained. “I think we got sick of each other’s faces. But mainly he was about to sign this massive deal and the money had become so important to him. It definitely spoiled things.”

“The deal became ridiculously huge and it became more about that than the album we were making at that time. I loved working with Robbie because he was so talented. We are not friends now and our parting was very acrimonious.”

Busted To Have Own MTV Reality Show

Reports have emerged that Busted have landed a $1.8 million deal to star in an Osbournes-style reality TV show to be broadcast worldwide on MTV, which could see them break America.

“The show could make them global stars. The boys are massive in the UK, Europe and Japan and this could widen the net to America,” an insider with the trio said.

“They are young, fun and up for it. All the ingredients that will make the show great viewing. Ozzy Osbourne might have the upper hand when it comes to swearing but Busted have a huge female following who will be glued to the screen. Producers like that the boys have really different personalities which will come across on the show.”

Mariah Carey The Diva Of All Divas

The Sunday Mirror reports that Mariah Carey is the diva of all divas, according to Top Of The Pops and MTV host Tim Kash.”

“The diva trophy has to go to Mariah Carey, who once visited MTV and requested everyone in the building gather around and clap as she entered. Don’t quite know why she did that. Seems nutty and everything,” Kash said.

Simon Webbe Ready To Find A Girl

While Blue’s Lee Ryan is spending this summer studying at the New York Film School, his bandmate Simon Webbe tells The Mirror he is on the look out for Miss Right.”

“I’m on a mission to get myself a girl,” the 25 year old singer and manager of new group, VS, revealed at the Party In The Park.

“I’m so over Natalie Denning now. It’s time to move on.”

Emma Bunton Digs All Things Italian

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton checked in with fans on her official website’s diary on July 2.

Emma wrote, “I’ve literally spent most of the last month in Italy which as you know is one of my favourite places in Europe. I’m a big fan of the food, the culture, the men!”

“I’ve been promoting Maybe there and it seems to be going down really well. One of the real highlights of my trip was being a guest at the men’s Missoni fashion show in Milan where I got to go backstage, mingle with the models and drink champagne.”

“I couldn’t believe my luck. My girl friends here were so jealous. There was even lunch at the brand new Bulgari Hotel with the Missoni family, so I was working my best look too!”

LL Cool J On Working With Justin Timberlake in Edison

LL Cool J spoke with MTV News about working on Edison with Justin Timberlake, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey.

“It’s my most dramatic role,” he said in the movie where he plays a police officer who has to make some serious choices in his life and career.

“It was the most challenging role I’ve ever had. Working with Morgan and Kevin and just being around people like that was a blessing for me. It’s kinda like being in the NBA and being in two or three years and getting to play in the all-star game with the best people in the league. It was amazing.” LL added, “Justin is incredible, we had a lot of fun. We talked about a lot of things on the set, hung out.”