S Club 8 are back!

S Club 8 have finished filming a tv series which will be screened on BBC1 in the UK on 13th September! It is called ‘I Dream’ and people are saying that it will be as big as S Clubs TV shows!

They will also be bringing out a new single soon rumored to be called ‘Involved’ which was written by a songwriter that also wrote songs for Jamilia!

Jennifer Ellison Goes Indian

The young English starlet, Jennifer Ellison, who’s releasing her Bye Bye Boy single in a couple of weeks, attended the Bengal Quay Restaurant Launch Party on last Tuesday, July 20 in London.

She said “I love music. I love acting. I love being in the media. I feel good doing what I am doing at this point in my life.”

Check out Jennifer Ellisons’ pictures, looking all Indian in green, at the gala opening of Bengal Quay Restaurant here.

Jessica Simpson Makes Fashion Statement With A Shawl

Jessica Simpson’s rainbow-colored shawl has become a fashion statement.

Good news for the unemployment-stricken Argentine economy and the 28 knitters at a factory outside Buenos Aires.

“I never would have thought that my love for shopping could have such a meaningful impact on someone’s life,” the vocalistress said, adding that “Nick and I have gotten a lot of attention from reality television, but this is the kind of reality that really matters.”

Bryan McFadden Lands Solo Contract

Former Westlife star Bryan McFadden has signed a deal to record a solo album and is busy working on new material with ex-Take That star Gary Barlow. And guess what? The musical stylings on Bry’s first album are big ballads.

But an industry insider assured the Mirror “It’s not just run-of-the-mill stuff for housewives. It’s got all the elements to top the charts. Kerry’s had so much success in her own right after winning I’m A Celebrity that he’s felt a little bit in the shade.”

Rachel Stevens To Carve An American Pop Career

Rachel Stevens is after a US pop career after seeing how well Mis-Teeq has done.

The ex S-Club star has contributed her song, Fools, to the Princess Diaries II soundtrack and is making it her lead single from her debut album, Funky Dory for the Americans.

The song will be released to radio August 2, followed by the release of her album on September 21. Rachel is currently promoting her single, Some Girls overseas but in September, Rachel will fly to US to promote Fools and the disc’s second single, Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex).

Sugababes Fight During Interview

Apparently the Sugababes had a blow up, or at least with Heidi Range and Mutya Buena during an interview at Party in the Park.

“While being interviewed, someone asked them about all the in-fighting,” a source revealed.

“Heidi and Mutya said ‘Fu** this’, started aruging with each other and stormed off later, leaving Keisha Buchanan alone to continue the interview.”

Asked whether they’re going to split up, Keisha said “No, we’ve too much respect for our fans.”

Samantha Mumba Steals The Show Wearing The Most Expensive Dress

Samantha Mumba stole the show at the Spider Man 2 London premiere in a diamond studded dress worth a staggering $9 million.

The glittering creation by designer Scott Henshall is the most expensive dress yet made.

In tribute to the movie, he used thousands of webcup diamonds. Asked what it was like to wear the dress, the Dublin-born star replied “It’s really comfortable actually.”

Craig David The Player

The Daily Echo reports that Craig David has reportedly dumped his former love interest, South African supermodel Roxy Ingram, who he met soon after a one-off free gig at Hampshire’s Rose Bowl.

His latest relationship with the 24year old American, Summer Altice began when he whisked the leggy model off to Paris for a romantic break. He’s been seeing her eversince.

Kelis On Her Tasty Music

Kelis’ chart-topping Tasty is a more commercial-sounding and less adventurous album than its predecessors, and its wide acceptance is testament to that, but she insisted that she hasn’t changed her sound to suit the market.

“I do what I like,” she told The Age. “Yeah, you got to do what you feel, because you’re the one who has to sit there and talk about it for the next few years. Otherwise it’s really hard to stand by.”

Nor will she be sticking with any magical pop formula in the future.

“The sound is always changing,” Kelis said. “It’s always evolving, hopefully to bigger and better things. I love music and I want to help it take on a new life.”