S Club 8 are back!

S Club 8 have finished filming a tv series which will be screened on BBC1 in the UK on 13th September! It is called ‘I Dream’ and people are saying that it will be as big as S Clubs TV shows!

They will also be bringing out a new single soon rumored to be called ‘Involved’ which was written by a songwriter that also wrote songs for Jamilia!

S Club Juniors Get Kylie-Like Song

If you thought S Club Juniors are a waste of time and effort, singing songs they have nothing to know about, people are now saying that their third single ‘New Direction’ is not so bad, as it may sound a little bit like Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ since it comes from a certain Ms Dennis.

However, while the Kylie’s chart smash was brought to us by former popster Cathy, ‘New Direction’ has been penned by her sister, Georgia.

The single, which has a Bollywood-like theme reportedly when you do catch the video, is also due to appear on their forthcoming debut album of the same name, both of which are due around October.

Meanwhile, their seniors, S Club, release their new single, ‘Alive’, on the 11th of November.