X-Static Process Or Ein Sof? Madonna’s Latest Tracklisting?

There are a lot of scuttlebutt surrounding the upcoming Madonna’s LP at the moment but so far nothing’s really set in stone.

According to online sources, her 10th studio album may be called ‘X-Static Process’ or ‘Ein Sof’ which means infinity in Hebrew.

Her tracklisting may look something like this:











The tracklisting will probably be altered slightly because record bosses at her label demanded her to head on back into the studio and record more mainstream sounding songs. But they say it will still be out on the 15th of April like they planned originally.

Rupert Everett’s Mom Wants Him To Marry Madonna

British actor Rupert Everett says his mother is desperate for him to marry Madonna.

Apparently, Rupert’s mother cried buckets at the premiere of ‘The Next Best Thing’ in which he and Madge starred in.

He said “For her it was like reality TV because she could dream that Madonna was her daughter in law. She keeps asking about how Madonna is and all that.”

“Madonna and I are very good friends. I’ve got my boyfriend and she, I bet, understands that so yeah, don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon really.”

Madonna Needs To Learn From Cher

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field tells the New York Daily News that Madonna could learn some lessons from Cher on putting on a good show.

“Madonna puts on a fabulous show, but you’re not looking at her” says Patricia.

“You’re looking at all of the stuff she’s whipped out. For example, the dancers, the lights, the whole show eh ok? So you go to a Cher’s show and she could have flying people on bungees, but your eyes never leave Cher. She’s stunning like that.”

Madonna Believes Guy Is Gay

Madonna suspects her film director husband Guy Ritchie has gay tendencies. The singer told her hubby she was worried about the “strange homosexual undertone” between him and other men on the set of the couple’s new movie.

“There was lots of exhibitionist behaviour such as pulling pants down, fondling bits, hugging, slapping and kissing” she revealed.

Madonna was speaking on a US television show where the couple were promoting Swept Away, which Guy directs.

The ‘Frozen’ hitmaker put her husband on the spot by saying “Are your crew so intimate on all your films? I saw their bums on several occasions.”

She also criticised him for disrupting schedules when they were shooting the film in Malta last year.

“I didn’t appreciate that at four o’clock you guys suddenly decided to wrap the set and run off to watch a football game. I thought that it was terribly unprofessional” she added.

Madonna Is Actually A Quiet Person

Guy Ritchie’s father John Ritchie says Madonna is nothing like the woman she is on stage when she’s at home.

“Madonna is very strong but is very quiet at home. She hardly talks at all” John said. “She has this strong presence and is really sociable in public. But on other occasions I have met her in less social situations and she doesn’t say a word.”

“She’s totally quiet. She doesn’t speak enough if you ask me.”

Madonna Wants To Be Slapped Hard

Madonna’s ‘Swept Away’ co-star Adriano Giannini was stunned when the Material Girl asked him to hit her harder in a scene while filming.

“When I first slapped her, she thought it wasn’t violent enough and told me to hit her harder” he said. “On another occasion I was asked to humiliate her by making her bark like a dog.”

“Seriously, it got a bit masochistic, you know but she seemed to love it and was very professional.”

Despite Protests, Madonna’s ‘Swept Away’ Will Be Shown In Cinemas

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that despite rumored feelings from Sony Pictures’ Screen Gems division that Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ should have been released straight to video, the Material Girl’s clout overpowered those arguments and forced a traditional theatrical release.

Now, it’s said the movie is slated to hit theaters on the 11th of October.

If you ask me, if the movie does get released, it’s just for the money then, banking on Madonna’s name. Critics have panned the film so much which was why it was initially decided to head immediately to video. It’s that bad a movie.

Madonna’s Not Up For Grabs And To Play A Lesbian

Bad news for Madonna who was hoping to star in the movie version of her current play Up For Grabs. The pop queen may have to fend off Nicole Kidman who is being considered for the role.

Madge is in the final week of her West End run in the play where she plays a scrupulous art dealer called Loren. She’s been hoping to play the part on the big screen but the play’s author, David Williamson, wants to rope in Nicole Kidman as the star.

Meanwhile, Madonna is to set yet another precedent in her latest role as Bond girl in the new action flick ‘Die Another Day’. The sultry singer has demanded that her character, a feisty fencer, be a lesbian simply because she doesn’t want to kiss star Pierce Brosnan in the script.

She insisted that her character must, therefore, be gay and apparently it seems that the Queen of Pop has got her way.

An insider told the Star “She is practically the only female in the film who doesn’t canoodle with Bond, although it wasn’t because she isn’t considered sexy enough to be classic Bond girl material. Madonna likes to be controversial. She’s getting a real kick out of the idea that she is the first lesbian Bond girl.”

Madonna To Work With William Orbit Once Again

Once again, Madonna is employing the talents of her former collaborator, William Orbit, to assist her in producing her forthcoming album.

In keeping with what the Mirror reported, Madonna, has re-employed the man behind her massively successful ‘Ray Of Light’ LP, extolled by fans and critics as signifying a comeback in her profession.

Lifted from ‘Ray Of Light’, her appealing track ‘Frozen’ went to No. 1 in July 1998, a position she had not achieved since 1990’s ‘Vogue’.

Together with producers Mirwais Ahmadzai whose work would include the 2001 hit, ‘Naive Song’, that’s featured on the Macintosh’s new iMac advertising campaign and Michel Colombier (Fatboy Slim), William said he’s going to join them for the recording of Madonna’s next album, which looks set to go into production early in 2003.

“I will definitely be working on her next album but it is very early days at the moment. We are discussing what sound and feel she is looking for but I’m not sure when we will start working in the studio. I certainly haven’t got as far as titles yet. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again though.”

Madonna, as we all know, is currently acting in the West End play ‘Up For Grabs’, but has reportedly curbed matinee appearances due to recording commitments.

Madonna Not Helping Father

Madonna’s stepmother, Joan Ciccone, has openly blasted the ‘Like A Virgin’ singer in the press for not supporting her father, Tony Ciccone, 70, claiming that the Material Girl wasn’t willing to give up any of her cash to help her aged father, even though Madonna’s dad was on the verge of losing his home and business.

Having left Detroit and his former position as a car designer, Tony is attempting to make a go of a small vineyard in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

According to reports, things got pretty ugly for the music diva’s father so much so that now he has to depend on state benefits despite the fact that his famous daughter has truckloads of cash.

Putting it on record that he has never once approached his daughter for any assistance, Tony told the press that “What she does and how she decides to treat people is up to her.”

Madonna was once quoted as saying “I hated my father for a long time”.

Sure Madonna and her father may not have had the perfect father-daughter relationship but the thing is many felt that the bonds between father and daughter were tightened when both Tony and Madonna appeared together on stage during 1990’s Blond Ambition tour. Doesn’t look that way now.