Madonna To Work With William Orbit Once Again

Once again, Madonna is employing the talents of her former collaborator, William Orbit, to assist her in producing her forthcoming album.

In keeping with what the Mirror reported, Madonna, has re-employed the man behind her massively successful ‘Ray Of Light’ LP, extolled by fans and critics as signifying a comeback in her profession.

Lifted from ‘Ray Of Light’, her appealing track ‘Frozen’ went to No. 1 in July 1998, a position she had not achieved since 1990’s ‘Vogue’.

Together with producers Mirwais Ahmadzai whose work would include the 2001 hit, ‘Naive Song’, that’s featured on the Macintosh’s new iMac advertising campaign and Michel Colombier (Fatboy Slim), William said he’s going to join them for the recording of Madonna’s next album, which looks set to go into production early in 2003.

“I will definitely be working on her next album but it is very early days at the moment. We are discussing what sound and feel she is looking for but I’m not sure when we will start working in the studio. I certainly haven’t got as far as titles yet. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again though.”

Madonna, as we all know, is currently acting in the West End play ‘Up For Grabs’, but has reportedly curbed matinee appearances due to recording commitments.

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