Land And Water Records Breaks Ground: Krimzon Takes Lead With Debut Single

June 12, 2002 (New York, NY) — L.A.W Records, an independent record label based in Washington Heights, N.Y.C, announced yesterday the release of their first recording. The first release from L.A.W Records is a Single by the “other-ground” group, Krimzon. The 12″ Single includes two electrifying and emotionally charged recordings, “Live Wire” and “Every Ghetto Got.” In celebration of their success, for a limited time this week, fans will be able to download the “Live Wire” MP3 on the label’s web site, free.

With melodic beats by Bigger Picture Productions, their Single captivates listeners of varied likings. “Live Wire” is a festive, pulsating, and up-tempo track. As a celebration of cultural diversity, its energy is accentuated in dance, party environments. “Every Ghetto Got,” on the other hand, speaks of the truths and realities of tenement life. The song is a written observation and reflection of Krimzon’s experience in Washington Heights, N.Y.C. “Every Ghetto Got” also includes guest vocals by Al-Shid, and an original guitar composition by Marco Oppesido. With guitar cries by Oppesido, Krimzon looks to blur genres and deconstruct stereotypes. Production wise, they draw equally from funk, rock, and jazz as well as urban, contemporary hip-hop.According to Alpha Sesay-Harrell, Director of Productions at L.A.W Records, “L.A.W is extremely pleased with the progress of Krimzon’s Single. In both tracks you can feel the passion in their artistry. Krimzon has been successful in executing initiatives, and they are gaining momentum. We are excited about their release.”

In order to make Krimzon’s music more accessible to fans, L.A.W has published a detailed schematic outlining the label’s distribution and retail outlets. The schematic is available online on L.A.W’s web site.

L.A.W expects to build on Krimzon’s momentum. Indeed, Krimzon is expected to release a second 12″ Single by the end of this summer. L.A.W is also in the process of planning the Krimzon Colony Tour of the South and Northeast regions of the United States. The tour will give fans a glimpse into Krimzon’s much-anticipated debut Album, “Le Sacrifice,” set to drop end of 2002. Krimzon is also expected to appear on the Hip-Hop Immortals Vol. 1 Book Soundtrack this winter, a wonderful achievement for this young group considering the Book’s veteran production staff, which includes the likes of Mike Rapaport, Doug E. Fresh, Warren Sapp, and Bonz Malone.

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