What It Feels Like To Be Madonna

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, sure looks busy and has been spending quite a bit of studio time, working on new material to a follow-up to 2000’s ‘Music’, according to a Madonna representative. No further information was presented and there is no word on when the album will surface.

That is precisely the reason why the superstar wouldn’t be able to carry out any matinee performances of the London theatre production ‘Up For Grabs’, on the 23rd of May at the Wyndham Theatre.

In additional news, it was stated that Madonna has pulled out of the new James Bond movie after insisting on being in the movie if she sang the movie’s theme song. But now, reports claim that she will not make a cameo in the film but just sing the main song for the James Bond flick, titled ‘Die Another Day’ that’ll be out sometime around Thanksgiving.

According to newspaper reports, film company MGM was taken aback hearing her news after she had earlier made demands of having a cameo role in the motion picture which also stars Halle Berry, John Cleese and Judi Dench.

The filming would simply clash with Madonna’s West End theatre debut ‘Up For Grabs’, in which she plays an art dealer.

Besides all of the above, Guy Ritchie’s film, ‘Love, Sex, Drugs And Money’ has been slammed for its violence against women, particularly wife Madonna’s character.

Madonna Doing James Bond Track

Everybody’s favourite Madonna will record a song for the new James Bond release, according to reports.

It is not known for sure if Mrs. Ritchie’s tune will be the title track for the new Bond motion picture, which now goes under the working title of ‘Bond 20’, or the song will simply be featured during the film and on the soundtrack.

There were rumours that the ‘What It Feels Like To Be A Girl’ superstar, whose daughter, Lourdes, 5, now has her own stylist, would make a cameo appearance in the latest instalment of the James Bond legacy, but a spokesperson for the Queen of Pop has stated otherwise, saying “She is doing a song for the film but she won’t be acting.”

The new upcoming James Bond flick, starring Pierce Brosnan who has decided to make this James Bond movie his last and move on to other projects and of course there’s the very hot siren Halle Berry, has already started filming sometime in January, just outside of London.

By recording a tune for the movie, the Queen of Pop will follow in the very footsteps of artistes like Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Garbage and more.