Madonna Not Helping Father

Madonna’s stepmother, Joan Ciccone, has openly blasted the ‘Like A Virgin’ singer in the press for not supporting her father, Tony Ciccone, 70, claiming that the Material Girl wasn’t willing to give up any of her cash to help her aged father, even though Madonna’s dad was on the verge of losing his home and business.

Having left Detroit and his former position as a car designer, Tony is attempting to make a go of a small vineyard in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

According to reports, things got pretty ugly for the music diva’s father so much so that now he has to depend on state benefits despite the fact that his famous daughter has truckloads of cash.

Putting it on record that he has never once approached his daughter for any assistance, Tony told the press that “What she does and how she decides to treat people is up to her.”

Madonna was once quoted as saying “I hated my father for a long time”.

Sure Madonna and her father may not have had the perfect father-daughter relationship but the thing is many felt that the bonds between father and daughter were tightened when both Tony and Madonna appeared together on stage during 1990’s Blond Ambition tour. Doesn’t look that way now.

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