Which Of The Spice Girls Slept With Robbie Williams? Mel C Hints…

Mel C has slammed Robbie Williams’ claim that he’s slept with all but one of the Spice Girls.

Despite having a brief fling with the Angels singer, Mel hinted that she knew at least two members of the former girl band hadn’t had sex with him.

Former Sporty Spice also claimed that although she was linked with Robbie for about a month in the late 90s she didn’t sleep with him.

She went on to say that after chatting about it with Victoria Beckham recently, she knew Robbie was all talk when he revealed his Spice Girls’ conquest at the end of last year, when he claimed “I’ve only got one left to have had all the Spice Girls.”But Melanie told Closer magazine “Victoria asked me about that and said ‘Well, I know I’ve not slept with him.'”

Sporty then went on to reveal “And I know Emma’s not slept with him.”

She concludes “I’d like to ask Robbie about this because, to my knowledge, there are a few of the Spice Girls he didn’t sleep with.”

Robbie and Geri Halliwell enjoyed a holiday romance some five years ago and there’s no word from Mel B who went out with one of Robbie’s mates, actor Max Beesley, for about four years.

Where On Earth Has Natalie Imbruglia Been?

Natalie Imbruglia’s back, with a new single entitled Shiver. It’s been three years since the singer released her last album, White Lilies Island. Just where on earth has she been?

Speaking to the press recently, she said “Off the back of my second album, I went straight into making the film. The moment I finished with Johnny English, I started writing. Unfortunately, it was a very lengthy process. I’ve definitely enjoyed it more this time”

“The second album was a bit weird, especially off the back of a really successful first album. And obviously getting married means you’re a lot more content and at peace with yourself. Everything is more fun.”

Natalie Imbruglia’s single, Shiver, was in shops on March 21. The album, Counting The Days, follows at the beginning of April.

McFly’s Harry Dating Lindsay Lohan?

Radio 1 quizzed the guys from McFly about recent gossip suggesting band member Harry Judd had hooked up with Just My Luck co-star Lindsay Lohan while filming in New Orleans.

“He wishes something was going on. It’s quite funny that this got out,” an unspecified bandmate said.

“I think he dreamt about it and then he was like ‘Did I dream it or did it actually happen?'”

Boy George Attacks Elton John

Boy George has compared singing with Eminem to duetting with notorious former Cambodian leader Pol Pot.

He attacked Sir Elton John’s performance with the Slim Shady at 2002’s MTV Awards and made the strange comparison.

Pot’s murderous regime killed millions of people back in the 1970s and former Culture Club star Boy George was pulling no punches in an interview with The Times newspaper.

“It’s like me singing with Pol Pot,” said the 80s pop icon, who blames the white rapper for making homophobia acceptable on the streets.

“People will call you a fag or whatever occasionally, but it’s so much more prevalent now and he has to take some responsibility. He’s an ****hole and I think every gay person with a brain cell found it hideously offensive to see Elton performing with him.”

Rocket Man Elton has also picked fights with a clutch of celebrities recently, slamming Madonna for miming on stage and criticising George Michael’s private life.

Avril’s song to fill the Canadian sky

Kingston, ON – Avril Lavigne’s heart-felt song, “I’m With You”, has been selected as the first song to fill the skies over Toronto, Canada in an upcoming acoustic magic show developed by Reichen Minogue of IMXLabs. Dubbed as the “show to end all shows”, Minogue prepares the Canadian population for a “grand event” which will “dazzle humanity”.

“The concept is a magical performance unlike any other prior magic-based stage production. Using advances in acoustic broadcasting and quantum sonic mechanics, we have eliminated the need for speakers outright. Music will literally engulf the entire greater Toronto area leaving no space void of Avril Lavigne’s voice. Her song will be heard in the middle of the night by no less than five million people during a single daily broadcast to be repeated over fourteen subsequent days”, he stated during a recent telephone interview.

The show has been titled as ‘The Gabriel’s Trumpet Project’ and is currently still within pre-production in Cairo, Egypt by Artist Group Agency (AGA) and Reichen Group Corp (RGC).

No show date has been released.

Source: http://www.avrilramonalavigne.com/viewtopic.php?t=108

Ozzy Osbourne Has Had Cosmetic Surgery

Hellraiser rocker Ozzy Osbourne has finally admitted “I HAVE had a facelift.”

The Black Sabbath wildman came clean after years spent denying he had gone under the knife. Ozzy, 56, had claimed he had lost his haggard appearance by giving up drink and drugs.

But the rocker told celebrity magazine Reveal “I’ve had a face job and a new nose. It boosted my confidence no end.”

Wife Sharon has always admitted she owes her smooth line-free complexion to GBP120,000 worth of plastic surgery.Ozzy, who renewed his wedding vows with 51 year old X-Factor judge Sharon on New Year’s Eve, also revealed he expects to spend the rest of his life with her.

He said “We’re in it for the long haul.”

Referring to Sharon’s colon cancer scare he added “I thought she was going to die. But she’s not allowed to die before me. I couldn’t live without her. I love her, the soul, the person.”

Ashanti Films New Video For Second Single

Recording artist of hits like Rain On Me and Foolish, Ashanti shoots her new video for Don’t Let Them on Thursday March 3 in Los Angeles, California.

Look out for director and The Inc Records CEO Irv Gotti, and record producer Chink Santana in a cameo appearance when the video drops.

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The Further US Adventures of Emma

Emma Bunton continues her quest for US success this week, and it seems to be going pretty well. Her album Free Me has cracked the Billboard Album Chart Top 200 at #183- that’s higher than Robbie Williams ever got with his album, Escapology. Meanwhile, Bini & Martini’s remix of her October 2003 #6 smash, Maybe, follows Free Me into the US dance charts at #4 this week. Emma says “I’m delighted at the response my album has recieved. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to branch out to a whole new audience this time round with the album, and people have given it such a positive feedback, which is wicked.” Emma begins work on her third studio album in April.For more on Emma’s adventures in the USA as it happens, visit www.emmabuntonofficial.com