Simon Tells Brian McFadden To Shut Up

Ex Westlife star, Brian McFadden is convinced boybands are a dying breed because the music buying public are no longer interested in watching groups “dancing around”.

The Irish singer whose debut solo single Real To Me is in shops now believes guitar-driven pop bands like Busted and McFLY have stolen the limelight once dominated by choreographed all-male outfits.

And he has warned aspiring boybands to change tact if they hope to score chart success.

He says, “A band like new British all-boy group V just run around the stage in luminous tops and spiky hair. It’s already been done.”

“Boybands dancing around isn’t going to work ever again. Busted and McFly are what the kids seem to love. They’re so big at the moment because they’re new and are very good.”

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell seems to think otherwise when a journalist told him what Brian recently has said. “There is a market for everybody. Pop music from boybands and girlbands will definitely make a strong comeback so people like Brian McFadden should just go away and stop yakking about things he doesn’t know about.”

Janet’s man speaks out

Jermaine Dupri, boyfriend to music legend and pop queen Janet Jackson, recently discussed with Access Hollywood many things about the couple’s relationship. The article follows below:

Janet Jackson and her man, rapper-producer Jermaine Dupri, have been turning heads in New York City recently during Fashion Week.

Now, Jermaine is opening up to Access Hollywood about the woman who stole his heart.

“We were friends for a long time and I did a remix for her,” Dupri told us. “We would go to dinner every once in a while and there were always friends there so it wasn’t like a date or nothing.”

But Jermaine said, that before long, him and Janet got closer.”We got close enough to know that if something ever was to happen, we would be cool and I guess it just kept, I don’t know, we just started going out more and more. And it just happened,” he continued.

The two-year romance with one of pop music’s most recognizable ‘T and recently controversial ‘T stars has long been a source of speculation.

When Janet sported a huge rock on her finger during the Spring, the engagement rumors began to swirl. Then, there was even more gossip when she was spotted at a fashion show last week without it.

But Jermaine quickly put any rumors to rest.

“She switches jewelry all the time. I don’t know. But no, we’re not engaged,” he insists.

While the two are not engaged, they are still totally committed to each other. And comfortable enough to take Janet to a strip club.

“She wanted to go -and I felt if I didn’t take her, she was going to think I was hiding something,” Jermaine explained. “It is what it is. We go. We spend money. They dance. They take off their clothes. We go home.”

But don’t get the wrong idea about Jermaine. This soft-spoken southerner is the first one to step up and defend his lady’s honor, as was the case in February after Janet’s notorious “malfunction” ‘T which is still a sore spot today.

“I don’t want to see this, but I do ask the question: If someone performs at one of those Super Bowl events and gets hurt, I wonder if they would make such a fuss out of it,” Jermaine contends. “I don’t think so. I think they’d go straight to commercial. You would hear it on your show and you’d hear it on MTV maybe, but would it make national news? I doubt it.”

Twista And Entourage In Horrific Car Accident

American rapper Twista escaped with only minor injuries following a horrific car crash which killed one of his entourage.

The star whose real name is Carl Mitchell was traveling as a passenger in a van on the way from Syracuse, New York to his hometown of Chicago, when the vehicle reportedly swerved into the central reservation on Interstate 90 and flipped over.

Arthur Dixon died of his injuries after he was taken to the Harmot Medical Centre, while five other members of Twista’s crew sustained minor injuries. Police are investigating why the van swerved off the motorway, but no charges have been made against the driver of the van.

Jamelia To Collaborate With Basement Jaxx?

BBC Radio One asked Felix and Simon from Basement Jaxx whether they would work with Jamelia who recently expressed interest working with the dance group, and they seemed to take the news rather well saying “Yeah, I’d definitely be interested in talking to her about it. Definitely. Maybe over a couple of drinks, ha ha!”

“She looks great in the videos and yeah, she’s a very attractive lady.”

“So, er, I’m sure we can chat about it…”

Nelly Furtado Explodes!

According to reports, the press learned that Nelly Furtado’s new single is the fabulous Explode. The video was shot at Central Tech High School in Toronto and it was directed by Nelly Furtado herself.

Few details are available regarding the concept of the video, but I do know that there is a theme of a high school prom, which fits well with the fact that the song Explode came from a poem called Teenage Waste that Nelly wrote while she was a teenager.

Much of the video is also animated.

Clea Goes Canadian

The lovely girls of Clea seem to have many fans all over the world and fan sites are popping up everywhere. One of them just happens to be a Canadian one.

Just click on the link

Meanwhile, the girls are gigging around the UK and are in the studio recording some new material with some new writers around Britain. New stuff from Clea should be out in early 2005 so keep a lookout for them.

Darren Hayes On Being Photographed Sunbathing

Former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes got asked the other day if he’d like to be photographed when he’s sunbathing on vacation.

“I would HATE to be photographed when I’m sunbathing,” Darren Hayes said.

“I do feel for the people in the tabloids who get photographed with their gut hanging out, but I say, ‘Hey! Stop eating the tucker, the nachos, and the Mexican beer!'”

Jessica Simpson’s Most Embarassing Moment

Teen People caught up with Jessica Simpson and asked her to reveal her most embarrassing moment.

“When I went to the White House to meet the president, I was introduced to the Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton.”

“I said, ‘I really like what you’ve done with the place.’ I had no idea that she was a member of the Cabinet, not an interior decorator!””

Moby Mocks President Bush

Politically minded musician Moby has taken a swipe at President George Bush, mocking the US President’s physical appearance.

The dance star keeps a regularly updated journal on his official site which has been dedicated of late to his support of the Democrat campaign to oust President Bush from the White House at November’s Presidential elections.

And in a recent posting, he chose to pick on the Republican’s looks. The Go hitmaker writes, “He looks like a cross between Mad magazine’s Alfred E Neuman and Howdy Doody, but dumber.”

“When he smiles it makes me want to flee in terror, like I’m looking at an evil clown-elf.”

Liberty X Star Has An Argument With Her Boyfriend

Liberty X star Michelle Heaton and her Pop Idol boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee were spotted arguing loudly on a London street recently.

“Michelle and Andy were walking in Soho, looking all lovey-dovey,” a source explained to The Mirror.

“But then something was said and Michelle began shouting at Andy, saying, ‘I can’t believe you could do this!’ and he was raising his voice, too.”

“She started walking off ahead of him. Obviously a nerve had been hit.”