Simon Tells Brian McFadden To Shut Up

Ex Westlife star, Brian McFadden is convinced boybands are a dying breed because the music buying public are no longer interested in watching groups “dancing around”.

The Irish singer whose debut solo single Real To Me is in shops now believes guitar-driven pop bands like Busted and McFLY have stolen the limelight once dominated by choreographed all-male outfits.

And he has warned aspiring boybands to change tact if they hope to score chart success.

He says, “A band like new British all-boy group V just run around the stage in luminous tops and spiky hair. It’s already been done.”

“Boybands dancing around isn’t going to work ever again. Busted and McFly are what the kids seem to love. They’re so big at the moment because they’re new and are very good.”

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell seems to think otherwise when a journalist told him what Brian recently has said. “There is a market for everybody. Pop music from boybands and girlbands will definitely make a strong comeback so people like Brian McFadden should just go away and stop yakking about things he doesn’t know about.”

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