Mariah Carey Set To Release “The Emancipation of Mimi”

Mariah Carey Set To Release “The Emancipation of Mimi”

In-Stores April 12th on Island Def Jam

(January 24, 2005) New York, New York – Mariah Carey, the best-selling female artist of all time, is set to release her highly anticipated album, The Emancipation of Mimi, on Island Def Jam. Already being heralded as one of the hottest releases of the year, the album is set to arrive in stores on April 12th (and one day earlier in territories outside the US).

The new single “It’s Like That” (co-produced by ueber-producer Jermaine Dupri), which was officially released just yesterday, is already a top 20 hit on the Rhythm chart and this week’s Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Hot 100, with over 35 million in audience – all without the support of a music video! The music video will be shot next
week by Hollywood A-list director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon).

Mariah Carey wrote and co-produced every song on the album, which features guest appearances by superstar artists Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Twista, and features production by The Neptunes, Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri.-

Record company clearouts means Shaz is at risk

As the saying goes, new year, new start, and especially in the case of all the major record companies as it’s that time of year again when piles of CD’s resolute round the bargain bin, when official sites start getting closed down and when we start to never again hear of acts once here. Yep, because the latest victims of the dreaded record label drop have been flying around, and apparently, Shaznay Lewis might just be one of them, due to the dissappointing sales of album Open, which only managed #22 in the album chart last summer, and her October 2004 single You, which went in 32 places lower than debut Never Felt Like This Before, at 46, compared to the number 8 position her previous single achieved.

But she’s not the only one, oh no. Apparently, Kristian Leontiou, Jay Sean, Raghav, Lisa Scott Lee, Sam & Mark, V and The 411 are other possible names that have been rumoured as well.Here are some handy hints to finding out if your fave act has been dropped or not:

1. Check their label’s website, especially artist lists. Check news about the artist to see whether or not any new news has appeared.
2. Do the exact same thing with their official website.
3. Contact labels if you do have any further concerns.

Prince Harry Eyes Cheryl Tweedy

The People reports that Prince Harry wanted to hit on Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy at the Prince’s Trust concert in Windsor but didn’t have the nerve. Most Wanted singer Darren Hajul said “When I told him how on tour I’d usually pull five or six girls a week his eyes lit-up like Christmas tree lights”.

“He wanted to know all the sordid details. If we could have swapped places there and then Harry would have. He didn’t think Cheryl Tweedy would take him seriously but I said go for it. As we laughed he kept sneaking ciggies off people and swigging his beer. Harry’s a party animal but he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.”

“I don’t think he ever ased her out in the end. He’s just too shy.”

Shakira Teams Up With Alejandro Sanz On New Album

Billboard has a few details on Shakira’s new English-language album to follow-up her Laundry Service.

The Colombian singer will write or co-write her own material on the disc, due later this year. Alejandro Sanz will be featured on the album, and Sanz himself is working on English-language tracks that may become an album, when, in his words, “it’s ready.”

Alicia Keys And Mother Enjoy Their Time In Barbados

The Saturday Sun of Barbados caught up with Alicia Keys’ mother and personal assistant Terri Augello while the singer of hits like Karma and Fallin’ took part in a photo session on Payne’s Bay beach last Friday morning.

“It’s beautiful here and we like it very much,” Terri Augello remarked.

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys is in the West Indies to headline the Barbados Jazz Festival.

Label Deeply Concerned For Brian McFadden’s Solo Hopes

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Brian McFadden’s solo career is in trouble after poor sales of his post-Westlife debut Irish Son.

“We are gravely concerned about the lack of sales for his debut album and are just hoping this third single will finally kick-start things for him as a solo star,” a source at the label revealed. “He shouldn’t have ever left Westlife.”

That said single will be his duet with Delta Goodrem, Almost Here.


DEEYAH is brought to you by the team responsible for shaping the careers of artists ranging from Prince, Sinead O’Connor, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Usher, The Specials and Blondie.

DEEYAH is a singer, song writer and a producer – a versatile artist and a true talent.
With two critically acclaimed albums already under her belt, DEEYAH is now set to release her first single in the U.K. Already being compared to female artists like Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Madonna and JLO, 2005 is set to be a fantastic year for DEEYAH marking the arrival of a truly talented international pop artist.

If you don’t already know about DEEYAH, check out her amazing fusion of pop, rock and R&B and be the first to find out all the latest and exclusive DEEYAH news at

You can now catch DEEYAH’s music video ‘Plan Of My Own’ on THE BOX! A clip of the video is also available at www.deeyah.comCheck out some of these Deeyah fansites:

Singer / Actor Eric West Writes New Song For AIDS Cause.

Popular actor and rising pop music sensation Eric West gives back to those touched by HIV/AIDS with new song according to Yahoo! News.

Putting behind the Justin Timberlake and Usher comparisons triple threat model, singer and actor Eric West is using his name which made him one of the most exciting new faces to hit the international model scene with a recent photo spread in Marie Claire Japan, and the face that got him voted by the Internet Movie Database as one of Hollywood’s “Top Fresh New Faces of 2004” for an AIDS cause.

The successful model-turned actor/singer recently got picked to appear in Lindsay Lohan’s next film, and has become an overnight gossip column favorite this year, but he manages to put his focus towards increasing funding for projects which target the prevention of HIV infection and the prevention of the progression of HIV to AIDS. West, recently recorded the song ‘Wires,’ which in an interview with V Magazine, the singer states:” Working on my album has been an amazing journey, a lot of it has been inspired by people, and more so life, with my music, I don’t want to compete with every other singer out there, but I want to make a difference in peoples lives, that matters to me, more so than selling millions of albums. I pray that I am able to changes lives or at least help to make them better, and I know it will be a risk to release a song about HIV/AIDS like “Wires,” but I’m willing to take that chance.”

‘Wires’ will appear on Eric’s forthcoming album titled ‘Half “> Life,’ which will be released April 2005, portions of the albums sales will be donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the National AIDS Fund. Eric adds himself to an A-list that includes Charlize Theron, Janet Jackson, Mira Sorvino, and Britney Spears, all who have used their time to help the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Radio DJ Ryan Redd commented on ‘Wires’ during his AM show, stating ”Eric is doing something that no other young male singer has done, not Usher, not Justin Timberlake, we should stand up and applaud Eric West for taking a risk as an artist and a straight artist, it’s a serious issue and people will appreciate what he is doing. The gay community has showed a lot of support and interest in him. Madonna fans love him, Janet Jackson fans love him.”

Estelle’s Afraid Of Her New Single

Estelle says she’s scared of her next single.

It’s a rocked up version of her album track Go Gone, which she recorded with two members of Lenny Kravitz’s band so it’s quite a different sound.

Estelle told us why she’d decided to re-do it. “I didn’t like the way it sounded on the album. It was too flat with no dynamics.”

“It had no up or downs and no great bass line.”

“So, we re-recorded it and now it sounds disgusting. I’m scared of it!”

“I heard it the other day and was like ‘Oh my God!'”

“The video is going to be nuts. We’re basing the whole thing on Tina Turner’s film What’s Love Got To Do With It and you’ll see me dancing for the first time ever in a video, so it’s gonna be crazy!”