Estelle’s Afraid Of Her New Single

Estelle says she’s scared of her next single.

It’s a rocked up version of her album track Go Gone, which she recorded with two members of Lenny Kravitz’s band so it’s quite a different sound.

Estelle told us why she’d decided to re-do it. “I didn’t like the way it sounded on the album. It was too flat with no dynamics.”

“It had no up or downs and no great bass line.”

“So, we re-recorded it and now it sounds disgusting. I’m scared of it!”

“I heard it the other day and was like ‘Oh my God!'”

“The video is going to be nuts. We’re basing the whole thing on Tina Turner’s film What’s Love Got To Do With It and you’ll see me dancing for the first time ever in a video, so it’s gonna be crazy!”

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