Usher And Alicia Keys Cannot Knock Off Ciara

Usher’s hit ballad with Alicia Keys, My Boo still hasn’t managed to displace Ciara’s Goodies at the top of the American singles chart.

The Crunk&B hit which ruled the Billboard charts last month is enjoying a seventh week at the top after keeping My Boo from taking the number one spot for a third successive week.

Ciara’s next single is apparently something called 1 2 Step with Missy Elliott.

Michael Jackson To Sue Eminem?

King of pop Michael Jackson will allegedly sue rapper Eminem over his new music video, which mocks the Thriller star.

The Just Lose It promo features Eminem dressed as MJ, losing his cosmetically enhanced nose, jumping on a bed with young children, being vomited on by the real Eminem and dousing his flaming hair by sticking his head down a toilet.

Michael Jackson has branded the video “disrespectful” and is to determined to have it banned.

Michael Jackson’s spokesperson says, “The Jackson family feels the video is demeaning and disrespectful. Michael is very displeased and doesn’t want it shown.”

A source close to the 46 year old says, “The entire video is a send-up of Michael Jackson. Michael is very upset and is going crazy over it. Don’t be surprised if he sues over this.”

“He is moonwalking and has greasy hair. Eminem’s hair catches on fire, just like Michael’s did in the famous Pepsi commercial. He runs into a public toilet and douses the flames in a toilet.”

Appleton To Make Comeback?

As part of All Saints, the Appleton sisters won Brit awards and even a gong at the Ivor Novellos.

However things have not quite gone to plan for the pair, and they were dropped by record label Polydor.

Two years on and the sisters are back with an album of anthems.

Nicole said “It was just the wrong time when we came out before.

“Our sound is very now, essentially guitar-based riffs and feel good hooks. We plan to launch ourselves again in early 2005.”

Will Young In A Relationship With England Soccer Star

Reports that Pop Idol champ Will Young is reportedly striking up an intimate same-sex relationship with a Premiership soccer star.

“It’s well known at the player’s club that he is gay, but what he keeps very quiet are the circles he hangs around in,” a source revealed.

“They met while Will was in his home town and things have gone from there. They get on really well and have got a lot of friends in common. Unfortunately, though, they fear they will never be able to come out properly because he is a footballer and it’s not the done thing to admit this.”

Holly Valance To Act Opposite Paris Hilton?

The beautiful Holly Valance has landed her first movie role opposite Paris Hilton in the upcoming National Lamoon comedy Pledge This!.

The Bollywood funk hitmaker of songs like Kiss Kiss has put her music career on hiatus after dismal sales of her latest album and has subsequently lost her record contract.

Holly Valance’s minor role as Jessica will mark her second acting job ever, after playing Felicity Scully in Aussie soap opera Neighbours for three years (1999 – 2002).

Paul Tovell and The Malfated part company

Guitarist Paul Tovell is no longer a part of rock band The Malfated. This means that The Malfated currently consists of Karl Steiger (vocals, songwriting duties), Natasha Spencer (guitars, bass), and Belle The Expendable Drum Machine (percussion). Says Karl Steiger in The Malfated’s official statement, ‘Paul left for reasons of his own – family reasons, work commitments, and other reasons that will remain private. There were no ‘artistic differences’ to blame.

When Paul announced the news to Natasha and I a while back he agreed that he would still be around in a limited capacity, that he would appear on the CD and for photographs but that he would not be able to tour. Since then it has become apparent that Paul is unable to find time to be a part of the band in any capacity; the first set of promotional pictures featuring Natasha were supposed to feature Paul, but this didn’t happen. For The Malfated to continue we must continue alone. We both wish Paul the best with whatever he decides to do, and his contribution to the band will be evident as we release songs that he co-wrote with myself.’ The band is currently looking for a new guitarist to fill the hole, as well as a suitable live bassist.For more information visit You can also visit

Janet to be honored with Legend Award in America

Janet Jackson will be recieving the Legend Award at the 2004 Radio Music Awards in America. Janet has sold more than 100 million albums and singles worldwide during her over 20 years as a mega superstar. The Radio Music Award will add to her already 6 Grammy Awards, 31 Billboard Awards, 12 American Music Awards, 11 MTV Video Music Awards and 11 Soul Train Awards. The show will air live from Las Vegas on NBC on October 25.

Hosted by American Icon Carson Daly, the show will include performances from Big & Rich, Usher, Tim McGraw, Elton John, Destiny’s Child and others.

Ellements, Hot New British Girlband, To Give The 411 A Run For Their Money

Ellements are a 4 piece girlband hoping to give The 411 a good run for their money. Produced by heavyweights Bacon & Quarmby whose working credits include Finlay Quaye and Shaznay Lewis, this infectious slice of disco/R&B entitled Walk Right Now is Hot! Hot! Hot!

For the uninitiated, Ellements are the stunning and beautiful Mia, T.J, Sarah and Natalie. Made up four very strong charismatic girls, each possess variety. The common bond between Ellements is that all the girls have had a love of and an involvement in music from an early age.

They come from North, South, East and West London to form a band with a multi-cultural flavour. Four individuals who have strong voices and are powerful dancers in their own right.

Their music influences stem from the seventies era of Motown, disco, up-tempo, happy feel good music, and on the album the girls have collaborated and worked with the likes of Heat Wave, The Temptations and Alexander O’Neil.

Ellements are a UK group with dance and vocals that far exceed anything the UK market has to offer. Each girl represents a different Ellement, T.J – earth, Natalie – air, Sarah – water and Mia – fire.

Already Ellements have raised a lot of media interest with their dynamic dancing and exceptional vocals, being compared to American artists as their abilities far exceed UK artists. Ellements’ influences are evident in their music and style and it is no surprise that they site the Jackson Five, Gladys Knight, Patti Label as just some of their mentors.See Ellements live at these dates:

03.10.04 University of Brunel.
04.10.04 L.S.E. London School of Economics.
05.10.04 North London University.
11.10.04 City University.
11.10.04 City University.
11.10.04 Canterbury Christ Church University
21.10.04 Surrey Institute of Art and Design

22.10.04 Butlins Bognor Regis
23.10.04 Butlins Skegness
24.10.04 Butlins Minehead
29.10.04 Butlins Bognor Regis
30.10.04 Butlins Skegness
31.10.04 Butlins Minehead

Ellements Official Site:

Write this down in your diary. Ellement’s single, Walk Right Now comes out in a good record store near you come October 25. Get it then!

Deeyah Amazing New International Female Pop Star

Amazing New International Female Pop Star DEEYAH Coming Your Way In January 2005.

Recently named ‘ he next big thing’ by the Sunday Times, Deeyah wrapped up an amazing and successful tour across the UK in June & July, 2004. She connected with her fans and has been making big waves throughout the music industry since then.

In August 2004, she split her time between L.A. and Atlanta in the USA shooting a fantastic video for ‘Plan of My Own’ with the award-winning director, John Lindauer, of Believe Media, whose past clients have included Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Lisa Stansfield, Christina Aguilera and many others.

Finally, the brilliant new single, the double A-sided ‘Plan Of My Own/I Saw you’ will be released in the UK in January 2005 followed by the album likewise entitled ‘Plan Of My Own’ on Brainwash Records. Deeyah’s music has a unique contemporary pop sound, which reflects her strong influences from pop, hip hop and rock.

Also of note, Deeyah will soon be included on the next Paul Oakenfold compilation due out in stores soon.

For more information, visit Deeyah’s official website hereDeeyah Fansites: