Michael Jackson To Sue Eminem?

King of pop Michael Jackson will allegedly sue rapper Eminem over his new music video, which mocks the Thriller star.

The Just Lose It promo features Eminem dressed as MJ, losing his cosmetically enhanced nose, jumping on a bed with young children, being vomited on by the real Eminem and dousing his flaming hair by sticking his head down a toilet.

Michael Jackson has branded the video “disrespectful” and is to determined to have it banned.

Michael Jackson’s spokesperson says, “The Jackson family feels the video is demeaning and disrespectful. Michael is very displeased and doesn’t want it shown.”

A source close to the 46 year old says, “The entire video is a send-up of Michael Jackson. Michael is very upset and is going crazy over it. Don’t be surprised if he sues over this.”

“He is moonwalking and has greasy hair. Eminem’s hair catches on fire, just like Michael’s did in the famous Pepsi commercial. He runs into a public toilet and douses the flames in a toilet.”

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