Paul Tovell and The Malfated part company

Guitarist Paul Tovell is no longer a part of rock band The Malfated. This means that The Malfated currently consists of Karl Steiger (vocals, songwriting duties), Natasha Spencer (guitars, bass), and Belle The Expendable Drum Machine (percussion). Says Karl Steiger in The Malfated’s official statement, ‘Paul left for reasons of his own – family reasons, work commitments, and other reasons that will remain private. There were no ‘artistic differences’ to blame.

When Paul announced the news to Natasha and I a while back he agreed that he would still be around in a limited capacity, that he would appear on the CD and for photographs but that he would not be able to tour. Since then it has become apparent that Paul is unable to find time to be a part of the band in any capacity; the first set of promotional pictures featuring Natasha were supposed to feature Paul, but this didn’t happen. For The Malfated to continue we must continue alone. We both wish Paul the best with whatever he decides to do, and his contribution to the band will be evident as we release songs that he co-wrote with myself.’ The band is currently looking for a new guitarist to fill the hole, as well as a suitable live bassist.For more information visit You can also visit

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