Danni Minogue Sexier Than Kylie?

For the first time in several years, Kylie Minogue didn’t make Who Weekly’s annual list of the 20 Sexiest People, but her sexy sheila of a sister Dannii Minogue did.

The magazine’s executive editor Kellie Hush tells the papers, “Dannii was chosen because she has finally come into her own and we no longer just think of her as Kylie’s little sister.”

“She has found a real nice exclusive niche with dance music and found herself, her confidence and her own individuality, which are all really sexy qualities which personifies what a babelicious sheila she is.”

“People have been coming up an saying that they prefer Dannii becasue she is so much more sexier than Kylie ever was. All that led to us to include Dannii this year and not Kylie.”

Robbie Williams’ Struggles With Homosexuality And Fame

Robbie Williams’ former manager Kevin Kinsella is publishing a new unauthorized biography focusing on the singer and his near nervous breakdown as he struggled with fame and tried to decide if he was homosexual.

“His confusion with his sexuality was very upsetting for him. Robbie broke down many times and cried when he explained it to me,” Kevin revealed at a press conference.

“He felt his life was going down the drain. He was going through a very hard time, a breakdown. He just wanted to be able to talk to someone about it. He did have encounters with many men but always stopped short when going further.”

“Robbie was open with me about what he was feeling and I’m sure his mother knew. But I don’t think he’d discussed it with his father.”

Janet Jackson’s New Songs, Maybe A Duet With Michael Jackson?

MTV News spoke with producer Jimmy Jam who tells them Michael Jackson’s little sister, Janet Jackson is prepping a new album for a release early next year.

“The record is really in its infancy stages, which means that we’ve done probably six or seven songs,” Jimmy said.

“There is no distinct musical style yet. It’s all over the place, from songs that I would call classic Janet songs, meaning that they could’ve been on any of her earlier albums. Some of the songs have a definite sort of ambient quality to them.”

“We’ve been listening to a lot of everything from Zero 7 to Telepopmusik, so there’s a little bit of that.”

“There’s some house stuff, which there always is on her albums. There is going to be some more guitar-flavored things.”

Meanwhile, rumours are going around in the industry saying that Michael Jackson may team up with his sister again for yet another phenomenal song.

Jessica Simpson’s Advice For New Brides

Jessica Simpson, recently married to Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, tells the press that the best advice she can offer to brides-to-be is simply to remain calm on the big day.

“I was like the calmest bride,” Jessica said. “Like I just knew everything was going to be great, and it was going to be the best day of my life. And I just kind of focused on the love and the excitement rather then, ‘Oh, is this going to go wrong? Is that going to go wrong?’ Because there’s always going to be stuff that goes wrong, but it’s the best day of your life, so you want to enjoy every moment of it.”

“I think that just relaxing is probably the best thing a bride can do.”

Jessica will release her new single, most probably called ‘The Sweetest Sin’ in a couple of months time.

JC Chasez On His Debut LP

The press recentl spoke with N’Sync star JC Chasez about his forthcoming solo debut.

“I’ve kind of covered the whole scope,” said JC of the album.

“I’ve done dance-type stuff mixed with retro ’80s stuff, mixed with R&B/hip-hop stuff.”

As for the inevitable comparisons to bandmate Justin Timberlake’s solo effort, the lad says, “That guy’s a superstar. I’m just going to do my thing.”

Madonna’s The English Roses Set To Be Released In Over 100 Countries

Madonna is poised to make book publishing history when ‘The English Roses’, the first title of the original series of five illustrated storybooks, all of which were written by her, is published in hardcover globally on the 15th of September.

It is anticipated that upon publication date, Callaway Editions and Penguin Group, in association with some of the most prestigious literary publishers in the world, will release Madonna’s book simultaneously worldwide in 42 language editions in more than 100 countries.

Each of these books will feature exquisite illustrations by internationally acclaimed artists. The identity of the illustrator of The English Roses will be revealed on the 15th of September.

The title and publication date of the second book in the series will also be announced upon publication of the first book.

Christina Aguilera Thinks Fondly Of Lil Kim

Us Weekly quotes Christina Aguilera who thinks very dearly of Lil Kim.

The ‘Dirrty’ sheila who collaborates with Lil Kim on her new number ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ said “On her records she is Miss Raunchy.”

“And then she’s just like, all ‘Hi!’ She has just the sweetest little voice, and she’s just a really big sweetheart.”

Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera really close friends?

From Mojitos, from the club, to the IMPOSSIBLE -Onlookers have seen Alicia Keys and Dirrty singer Aguilera out and about in the Sunset LA area; “They both enjoy each other’s company, and they are really close” says a publicist of them both. “They see each other occasionally.” Keys’ new album (untitled) is yet to be out in September-October.

As for Aguilera, her Stripped tour with Justin Timberlake starts June 4, in Arizona.

“Christina really loves that girl, and she’s really crazy about her..they’ve been down since who knows..”

There is more to come…

Elton John And The Beckhams Go Shopping

The New York Post reports Elton John, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her hubby David Beckham went expensive shopping all together.

The three of them were spotted buying five-time-zone diamond watches, diamond dog tags and stud earrings at Jacob the Jeweler’s shop in New York City.

An unnamed onlooker said “They were checking out all the really expensive stuff. Like diamonds and stuff.”