Janet Jackson’s New Songs, Maybe A Duet With Michael Jackson?

MTV News spoke with producer Jimmy Jam who tells them Michael Jackson’s little sister, Janet Jackson is prepping a new album for a release early next year.

“The record is really in its infancy stages, which means that we’ve done probably six or seven songs,” Jimmy said.

“There is no distinct musical style yet. It’s all over the place, from songs that I would call classic Janet songs, meaning that they could’ve been on any of her earlier albums. Some of the songs have a definite sort of ambient quality to them.”

“We’ve been listening to a lot of everything from Zero 7 to Telepopmusik, so there’s a little bit of that.”

“There’s some house stuff, which there always is on her albums. There is going to be some more guitar-flavored things.”

Meanwhile, rumours are going around in the industry saying that Michael Jackson may team up with his sister again for yet another phenomenal song.

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