J Lo Does Not Sleep With Co-Stars

Jennifer Lopez revealed exclusively that she finds it ridiculous that people thought she was having an affair with Ralph Fiennes while filming Maid In Manhattan, because she says that she is far too professional to sleep with co-stars.

“In essence, I’ve done a lot of movies and I haven’t ever been involved with one of my co-stars” J Lo insisted. “Even during the makings of Gigli, my Ben and I just worked together.”

“I am someone who doesn’t have any trouble keeping it strictly professional. Ralph is obviously a very handsome and appealing man, but I didn’t touch it.”

J Lo Corrupting Ben Affleck?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal are worried that Jennifer Lopez is corrupting Ben Affleck, known for being a hero to animal lovers for acts of kindness after reports he recently bought a chinchilla coat for J Lo.

“We love Ben Affleck” a PETA insider said. “Here is a man who once stopped to help an animal that was hit by a car and paid the vet’s bill. His brother, Casey, is a vegan.”

“But then he hooks up with this diva who wears mink eyelashes! Next thing you know, we’re hearing that he’s buying fur coats! We’re praying that we haven’t lost one to the dark side.”

J Lo Got Cursed By Fans

Everybody knows Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx and she recently taped an interview with Diane Sawyer over there. What did the residents think? They say “J Ho” is anything but ‘Jenny From The Block.’

For the cameras, she visited the Holy Family Catholic school she attended as a child, stopped across the street at the yellow house where she used to dance for her parents in the living room and stopped in at the Crossbronx pizza shop on the corner.

Bodyguards shoved excited kids out of her way, residents said, leaving one tiny fan in tears.

“The kids were cursing at J Lo because she wouldn’t acknowledge them” says Emily Estevez. “These are the very same kids who look up to her, who beg their parents to go see her movies, buy her CDs, her perfume, her clothes. These are the ones that put her where she is today and look what she has done that bloody cow!”

Hear J Lo’s New Single And Her Butt Photo Shoots

Jennifer Lopez’s brand new offering’s entitled ‘Jenny From The Block’ and it will be taken off her upcoming November studio LP.

If you loved ‘I’m Going To Be Alright’, then you’re definitely going to love this one as well. Click on the link below to hear it. http://www2.allaccess.com/sounds/jlojenny.ram.

Meanwhile, photographer Ruven Afanador was doing photo shoots with Jennifer Lopez and he wanted her apparently to show off her infamous booty in Entertainment Weekly.

“It was during that whole time that her butt was what everyone was talking about. I told her I wanted to do something with it. She was like, ‘No, no, no.’ She was serious at the beginning, but I knew I could talk her into it.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Distressed Over Ben Affleck Dating Not Beautiful J.Lo

The press are carrying reports that Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be upset over longtime love Ben Affleck’s choice of having a relationship with the ‘Waiting For Tonight’ vocalistress, Jennifer Lopez.

“Gwyneth is really upset about Ben and Jennifer. She still has strong feelings for him and she doesn’t think Jennifer is right for him, or good enough” a friend of Gwyneth revealed.

“She still adores Ben and she can’t stand Jennifer. She believes Ben, who is from a nice middle class family and is cultured, would be better off with someone more like himself. Someone who is beautiful, refined and educated. She has been crying down the phone about it to her friends and she is threatening to ring him up and have it out with him.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Eduardo Verastegui, the man Jennifer Lopez is seen with in her music video, ‘Ain’t It Funny’.

Eduardo, who is making his first Hollywood film, ‘Papi Chulo’, commented “Working with Jennifer Lopez was an amazing experience. She was beautiful, very talented and a very professional artist.”

Jennifer Lopez Real Busy Making Movies

Jennifer Lopez may be stepping into the superhero world with ‘Shrink’ but don’t expect to see her in spandex.

“She’s surely not going to get dressed up in spandex” said ‘Shrink’ creator, Rob Liefeld. “She gets to look great in her designer clothes and at the same time, be the center of a universe where everything around her is extraordinary.”

Picked up by J.Lo’s production company, Nuyorican, ‘Shrink’, the film version of the online comic strip, will star the pop diva as a psychiatrist who counsels both costumed heroes and villains. Nuyorican is also developing ‘Shrink’ alongside a handful of other projects.

“There’s also my ‘Carmen’ and I also have a upcoming flick called for now the ‘Hector Lavoe’ project, which is about a salsa singer and we’re getting most probably Marc Anthony to star with me. It’s about New York and that kind of whole salsa era. That’ll be interesting” J.Lo said recently.

Though ‘Shrink’ is expected to steer clear of salsa dancing, Rob deems it will positively stand out amid the slew of more serious comic-inspired movies flooding theaters.

“See, the genre was getting more accepted with the ‘X-Men’ movie, plus ‘Spider-Man’ blew like everything up ok and so somebody has to take the piss out of them right. That’s what we’re going to do” the veteran comic creator said.

Ain’t It Funny That J.Lo’s Single Again

Now, not really sure if this one’s here just to create a buzz since her name’s not exactly a permanent fixture in tabloids now that she’s married and all but word has it that the gorgeous ‘Ain’t It Funny’ singer, J. Lo is solo again.

A source, apparently confirmed to The Associated Press that Jennifer Lopez, 31 and her dancer of a husband, Cris Judd, have separated. In accordance with what the source said, it seems that the pair parted amicably and have no immediate plans for divorce.

And as we all have come to know the standard celebrity formula is to just deny all and so Jennifer Lopez’s spokesman did just that.

The actress/singer married Cris, 32, in a private ceremony in Calabasas, California on the 29th of September last year. The wedding came immediately a few months after she broke up with hip-hop star, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, with whom she had a decidedly publicized romance.

Cris appeared prominently as a background dancer in the video for her hit ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ but in current months has become increasingly more active in her career. He directed the video for the Ja Rule remix of her song ‘Ain’t It Funny’ and choreographed her recent NBC concert special. He can even be seen in her new remix track ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’, a song/remix that I personally think is awesome. Anyway, that’s not all. Both Cris and Jennifer share writing credits for the song ‘Alive’ from her recent thriller ‘Enough.’

If this is indeed true, and she does decide to divorce him later on, then the sexy Latina is no stranger to divorces. In 1997, she married model, Ojani Noa and divorced him the following year.

J.Lo Hasn’t Had Enough Of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez continues to plow forward with her booming film career. The pop diva is said to be in talks to star alongside Ben Affleck in writer/director Kevin Smith’s ‘Jersey Girl.’

A publicist for Lopez confirmed that the ‘Enough’ star is definitely in negotiations for the film, which has long had Ben Affleck attached. If she does in fact end up in the movie, ‘Jersey Girl’ will be J.Lo’s second pairing with the ‘Changing Lanes’ actor.

The two highly prolific stars’ first onscreen match-up, ‘Gigli,’ just finished shooting a couple of months ago. Directed by Martin Brest (‘Beverly Hills Cop’), ‘Gigli’ is a dramatic comedy with Ben in the title role as a hit man who involves the ‘Ain’t It Funny’ vocalistress in a kidnapping, believing her, perhaps mistakenly, to be in the same line of work as himself.

‘Jersey Girl’ is about a man whose life is turned upside down by a woman and her 6-year-old daughter.

Jennifer Lopez To Enlarge Her Business Empire

In a bid to develop her business enterprise, Jennifer Lopez is about to dabble in the world of designer fragrances and cosmetics.

J-Lo’s Sweetface Fashion Company has signed a worldwide marketing contract with the Lancaster Group, a top manufacturer of cosmetics, fragrance and sun-care products. The agreement allows Lancaster to develop and market make-up and perfumes under the J-Lo By Jennifer Lopez Brand.

The Lancaster Group says the products will mirror “the inspirational, confident and desirable qualities of Jennifer Lopez herself.” The goods will be made available in the US, UK, Germany, Austria plus Switzerland and at select departmental stores where J-Lo fashions are currently sold.In an official statement, the ‘Ain’t It Funny’ singer/actress said “The dynamic and creative energy of the Lancaster Group is exactly what I am looking for in a partner to bring this fragrance to the market.” She went on to say “I think people will find that this fragrance embodies the J-Lo brand’s spirit, character, energy… it is a true reflection of the modern, independent, yet passionate woman.”

In other Jennifer Lopez reports, the 31 year old Latino superstar can be next seen on the big screen in the thriller, ‘Enough’, which is due in US cinemas on 24th of May.