Ain’t It Funny That J.Lo’s Single Again

Now, not really sure if this one’s here just to create a buzz since her name’s not exactly a permanent fixture in tabloids now that she’s married and all but word has it that the gorgeous ‘Ain’t It Funny’ singer, J. Lo is solo again.

A source, apparently confirmed to The Associated Press that Jennifer Lopez, 31 and her dancer of a husband, Cris Judd, have separated. In accordance with what the source said, it seems that the pair parted amicably and have no immediate plans for divorce.

And as we all have come to know the standard celebrity formula is to just deny all and so Jennifer Lopez’s spokesman did just that.

The actress/singer married Cris, 32, in a private ceremony in Calabasas, California on the 29th of September last year. The wedding came immediately a few months after she broke up with hip-hop star, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, with whom she had a decidedly publicized romance.

Cris appeared prominently as a background dancer in the video for her hit ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ but in current months has become increasingly more active in her career. He directed the video for the Ja Rule remix of her song ‘Ain’t It Funny’ and choreographed her recent NBC concert special. He can even be seen in her new remix track ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’, a song/remix that I personally think is awesome. Anyway, that’s not all. Both Cris and Jennifer share writing credits for the song ‘Alive’ from her recent thriller ‘Enough.’

If this is indeed true, and she does decide to divorce him later on, then the sexy Latina is no stranger to divorces. In 1997, she married model, Ojani Noa and divorced him the following year.

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