Michael Jackson Demanding Justice For Artists

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is lending his voice to a coalition demanding “justice” for recording artists.

According to the BBC, the recently formed New-York based National Action Network (NAN) has been set up to investigate incidences of artist exploitation by major record labels.

The NAN has drawn support from infamous celebrity lawyer Johnnie Cochran and civil rights campaigner the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Michael has released a statement explaining his reasons for joining the coalition. “Record companies have to start treating artists with respect, honour and finanicial justice. Therefore I am proud to join this coalition which represents all artists.”

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton stated that the coalition would attempt to prevent the slave-to-the-record-company mentatility that currently prevails.

NAN will be prepared to work with the Recording Artists Coalition (RAC), which has campaigned for fairer contracts and more oversight into the accounting practices of record companies.

NAN will also use its influence with radio stations to boycott material from companies deemed as treating their artists unfairly.

“The lifeline of any music company is air play”, he commented.

Current plans for NAN include a “summit” of recording artists to debate the issues and high profile meetings with the five major labels, namely Vivendi Universal, Sony, EMI, BMG and AOL Time Warner.

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