Kylie Minogue And Vinnie Jones In A Film

Kylie Minogue will make her acting comeback with hard man Vinnie Jones in a new ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ movie. After a series of box office duds, Kylie hopes she’ll have better luck with ‘Guns, Money And Home Cooking.’

According to the press, Kylie and Vinnie will play bank robbers who flee to a remote lighthouse after a heist goes wrong. They seek refuge with an eccentric old lady played by Dame Joan Plowright but find themselves being held hostage.

Filming will start later this year after Kylie finishes her tour.

A source close to Kylie said: “Most of the films she has been involved with have been complete flops and she is desperate to crack the big screen. ‘Guns, Money And Cooking’ has the potential to be a big hit and is in the same vein of as ‘Lock, Stock’.”

Word has it that after ‘Guns’, Kylie will work on another film, ‘The Snow Queen,’ immediately and will star alongside Joely Richardson.

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