Gwyneth Paltrow Distressed Over Ben Affleck Dating Not Beautiful J.Lo

The press are carrying reports that Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be upset over longtime love Ben Affleck’s choice of having a relationship with the ‘Waiting For Tonight’ vocalistress, Jennifer Lopez.

“Gwyneth is really upset about Ben and Jennifer. She still has strong feelings for him and she doesn’t think Jennifer is right for him, or good enough” a friend of Gwyneth revealed.

“She still adores Ben and she can’t stand Jennifer. She believes Ben, who is from a nice middle class family and is cultured, would be better off with someone more like himself. Someone who is beautiful, refined and educated. She has been crying down the phone about it to her friends and she is threatening to ring him up and have it out with him.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Eduardo Verastegui, the man Jennifer Lopez is seen with in her music video, ‘Ain’t It Funny’.

Eduardo, who is making his first Hollywood film, ‘Papi Chulo’, commented “Working with Jennifer Lopez was an amazing experience. She was beautiful, very talented and a very professional artist.”

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