J Lo Got Cursed By Fans

Everybody knows Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx and she recently taped an interview with Diane Sawyer over there. What did the residents think? They say “J Ho” is anything but ‘Jenny From The Block.’

For the cameras, she visited the Holy Family Catholic school she attended as a child, stopped across the street at the yellow house where she used to dance for her parents in the living room and stopped in at the Crossbronx pizza shop on the corner.

Bodyguards shoved excited kids out of her way, residents said, leaving one tiny fan in tears.

“The kids were cursing at J Lo because she wouldn’t acknowledge them” says Emily Estevez. “These are the very same kids who look up to her, who beg their parents to go see her movies, buy her CDs, her perfume, her clothes. These are the ones that put her where she is today and look what she has done that bloody cow!”

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