JC To Release Solo Album Too?

JC Chasez is said to be making his own album. He will have at least one song on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, Drumline.

Dallas Austin, who’s producing the film and the soundtrack, has recorded four songs with JC, including ‘Blowin’ Me Up’, a strong contender to be the soundtrack’s first single.

“We’ve been doing some great, great material” Dallas said Wednesday from his Atlanta home. “At first he wasn’t going to do a record, but I think now he’s kind of interested, so we’ll probably just keep recording. We were just writing songs for the movie and we caught a niche and it was like, ‘Oh sh–, this is cool for you, let’s keep going.'”

So far JC and Austin have recorded fun, fast-paced songs and mid-tempo ballads.

“It’s back to George Michael and Prince and that ’80s era, where even though you had up-tempos, they still had songs to them, they had a lot of attitude” Dallas Austin explained. “It was a trip because we didn’t realize how far away music had gotten from doing real songs until we started working on this stuff.”

The soundtrack, due out on the 10th of December, according to Jive Records, will also include Alicia Keys, Monica, Petey Pablo and Jive newcomer Nivea, who was featured on Mystikal’s ‘Danger (Been So Long)’.

Drumline will be out in theatres tentatively on the 20th of January next year.

Like Justin Loves N’Sync

Justin Timberlake spoke to reporters and got asked if branching out solo meant the end of N’Sync.

Justin said “Not at all. It’s never the end. The reason people ask that is because they get used to comparing us with groups that may have been put together, and the thing we keep explaining to people is that we put ourselves together a long time ago. We were friends for a long time before N’Sync blew up as a group, and even if we don’t sell another record next go around, we’ll still be friends. We’re in it together.”

“These guys are my brothers and I love them so very much.”

He also revealed that after releasing his solo LP, he’ll go back to the guys and probably clock in studio time writing new material for the next N’Sync album.

Justin’s Family Thrilled About Britney Break-Up

According to Justin Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar, the family is happy the N’Sync star is no longer dating Britney Spears.

“We are delighted they aren’t dating any more” said Sadie. “The break-up has been good for him. He has been able to do a lot of song writing.”

“You know something, Britney was just a distraction.”

“I don’t talk to her, though Justin’s mum does from time to time. Justin is laid back about it all. He doesn’t care.”

Justin recently splashed out on a new, GBP5million luxury villa in the Hollywood Hills, a few miles from the love nest he bought with Britney.

But Sadie, who lives next door to Justin’s mum in Memphis, insisted Britney wouldn’t be welcome at her grandson’s.

She added “I have an invitation to go up there and stay next week. But Britney won’t be getting one.”

Not Very Nice N’Sync In Rent And In Space

N’Sync has visited New York’s Virgin Megastore loads of times in the last few years but not once have they been greeted with a healthy welcome from the employees. Yes, the boys from N’Sync are not exactly what you would call sweet.

“Justin has an attitude problem” says one source. Complaining seems to be the consistent story among the employees. “I need more water. I need more light. I need more make-up -blah, blah, blah. They make me sick” says another source.

Meanwhile, N’Sync’s Joey Fatone is to take some time out from the band, to tread the boards in a musical.

The appropriately named singer-cum-actor, who’s already starred in a couple of moderately successful movies, is planning to play filmmaker and video artist Mark Cohen in the Broadway version of the musical Rent.

Fatone has just started rehearsing for the production and will take his debut bow on 5th of August.

And finally, after all the confusion surrounding his participation in a forthcoming spaceflight, it’s been revealed that Joey’s bandmate Lance Bass is currently at a cosmonaut training centre in Russia, where he’s preparing for his trip.

According to reports, The Russian Space Agency have confirmed that Lance is currently in training, although they’ve pointed out that negotiations are ongoing and, as-of-yet, no contract has been signed.

N’Sync’s Joey Fatone Hangs With Korn

Here’s a really interesting piece of news.

Nobody ever knows whether celebrities will show up at a big rock show, but no one, and I bet nobody there, even in their wildest dreams, could’ve guessed that they’ll be joining N’Sync’s Joey Fatone to rock out to Korn.

Pop star Joey, sans the rest of his N’Sync boys, was spotted backstage at the Korn concert in New York at Madison Square Garden last Monday night, 24th June. Most of the hipsters there were quite shocked and surprised to see him hanging with the rock crowd.

What were the chances, really, of that happening?

All About The N’Sync Member Splits

Justin Timberlake has revealed he is coping pretty well since splitting with pop princess Britney Spears, speaking on an American chat show hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. “I’m cool after the split, but I’m glad you gave me the chance to say it.”

Although he’s through with what he had going with her, he still says he loves Britney very much. He said “I love Britney with all my heart and I will never do anything to disrespect her or degrade her. She will always be special to me no matter what happens. She’s great.”

The couple have been the subject of intense speculation about the supposed end of their relationship.

In other N’Sync related affairs, N’Sync have denied that they are right on course in the direction of a split.N’Sync are currently touring for their ‘Celebrity’ LP across the US.

Although many members of the band have stepped sideways in order to pursue projects other than N’ Sync activities, it is primarily Justin’s activities that have cast doubt over the act’s future.

The N’Sync star has also been linked with Elton John after appearing in the video for his recent hit ‘This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore’. Elton then hinted to the press he would be playing piano on a Justin’s solo disc.

“I mean right now we are having the tour and then we’ll take a break and do our own thing” said Joey Fatone.

Lance Bass follow his bandmate’s comment, saying “We are not breaking up. For sure ok. It’s plain ridiculous.”

Justin also chipped in, saying “We don’t want people to think that… right now we’re doing the ‘Celebrity’ tour and all plus after that I think we’re going to take a hiatus and then just start getting creative again.”

Joey Fatone’s Big Fat Greek Wedding

Joey Fatone in recent times took on a role in the independent film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, that’ll hit theatres in the US of A come 14th of April. Joey is of course one fifth of the mega successful boyband, N’Sync.

Filming his scenes at the same time N’Sync was recording their ‘Celebrity’ LP, Joey added “We are supportive of anything that anybody else does in the group. They were able to work the schedule where it was like I flew in to Toronto to shoot some of the scenes, then flew back to record.”

“Obviously N’Sync can get old or tiring after a while and you’re like, ‘I want little bit of a change,'” Joey said last week at a screening of the movie which is said to be produced by Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. “So what do I do? Go do a movie. Be a character. Be screwy. Be silly. Whatever the case may be. And then you’re like, ‘Hoi! Now I can be creative and go back to doing writing, dancing and performing with N’SYNC.'”

Joey’s next motion picture, ‘The Bros.’, is about two suburban white males who ride into the world of hardcore rap. The flick is expected to debut at a yet-unspecified film festival later on in 2002.