Joey Fatone’s Big Fat Greek Wedding

Joey Fatone in recent times took on a role in the independent film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, that’ll hit theatres in the US of A come 14th of April. Joey is of course one fifth of the mega successful boyband, N’Sync.

Filming his scenes at the same time N’Sync was recording their ‘Celebrity’ LP, Joey added “We are supportive of anything that anybody else does in the group. They were able to work the schedule where it was like I flew in to Toronto to shoot some of the scenes, then flew back to record.”

“Obviously N’Sync can get old or tiring after a while and you’re like, ‘I want little bit of a change,'” Joey said last week at a screening of the movie which is said to be produced by Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. “So what do I do? Go do a movie. Be a character. Be screwy. Be silly. Whatever the case may be. And then you’re like, ‘Hoi! Now I can be creative and go back to doing writing, dancing and performing with N’SYNC.'”

Joey’s next motion picture, ‘The Bros.’, is about two suburban white males who ride into the world of hardcore rap. The flick is expected to debut at a yet-unspecified film festival later on in 2002.

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