Justin’s Family Thrilled About Britney Break-Up

According to Justin Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar, the family is happy the N’Sync star is no longer dating Britney Spears.

“We are delighted they aren’t dating any more” said Sadie. “The break-up has been good for him. He has been able to do a lot of song writing.”

“You know something, Britney was just a distraction.”

“I don’t talk to her, though Justin’s mum does from time to time. Justin is laid back about it all. He doesn’t care.”

Justin recently splashed out on a new, GBP5million luxury villa in the Hollywood Hills, a few miles from the love nest he bought with Britney.

But Sadie, who lives next door to Justin’s mum in Memphis, insisted Britney wouldn’t be welcome at her grandson’s.

She added “I have an invitation to go up there and stay next week. But Britney won’t be getting one.”

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