Christna Aguilera Turns Offer To Duet With Robbie Williams

Christina Aguilera has turned down Robbie Williams’ request for a duet, as the English pop star is desperate to crack America, hoping the pairing would boost his profile.

“I think he’s cute. Rather camp.” she said.

“But our styles are so different. We would not gel.”

X-tina suggested, “He should try Mariah Carey. She “loves” to duet if you know what I mean.”

Christina Aguilera The New Face For Fasdhion Empire, Versace

Christina Aguilera is set to become the new face of fashion empire Versace.

Ms Dirrty will front a mult-million pound TV campaign for Italian designer Donatella Versace.

Christina was the guest of honour at Versace’s fashion show in Milan last week where she was spotted furiously making notes as a succession of haughty, stony-faced models sashayed down the catwalk.

Christina, Britney To Be Coaxed Into Appearing In Playboy

The new Playboy editor James Kaminsky, who will soon replace Arthur Kretchmer as editorial director intends to seek and cox more celebrity skin, even if he has to let the big name pin-ups keep some of their clothes on.

“He really wants Christina Aguilera” says a source.

“She’s like his holy grail. He’s also very interested in Britney Spears, anything to get that MTV market.”

View pictures of Christina’s New Photoshoot

A guitarist from an upcoming band was overheard saying that that he reckons Christina Aguilera is just garnering attention with all that slut clothes and cosmetics and is definitely not a nasty lady.

“I think it’s all publicity. I guess if you’re in that position of having popularity, at least in a pop sense, you have to change what you’re doing or else people will forget about you.”

“I also think she’s doing it to have a comeback, trying to be really nasty. I’m not sure if it’s working.”

He added “She’s probably not nasty. I don’t know really. She hasn’t had sex with me yet, so she’s not nasty enough.”

Anyway, is Christina getting slightly more decent? Those clothes, I think, are what she would call conservative. Check out pictures of Christina Aguilera’s latest photoshoot for yourself. Have to say she looks nice.

View the photos here.

Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Want To Do Playboy

Christina Aguilera has denied she has talked with Playboy about posing nude in the men’s magazine.

“That’s a rumour I guess I have to squash, because I’ve never even talked to Playboy” she insisted. “It’s not something I want to do, at least not right now.”

“At this point in my career, I just want to be respected for my voice. And as I get older, I want to take singing even more seriously.”

Christina Aguilera, Trash And Controversial Videos That Her Mum Loves

Christina Aguilera likes leaving behind trail of trash wherever she goes. After she and her dancers rehearsed a dance number for an upcoming music video at Moro Landis Studios in Los Angeles, the messy bunch left behind a trail of empty water and Gatorade bottles, trash, food cartons, and even a few bottles of half-consumed beer.

In the meantime, Christina spoke about her controversial new video ‘Dirrty’ which she says didn’t get a negative reaction from her mother Shelly Kearns.

She said “My mom loved it! She’s pleased with it.” As for her equally controversial Rolling Stones nude cover shoot, she commented, “I think it’s great! I think the female body is something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of.”

Petition To Remove Christina Aguilera’s Video Off MTV

A petition has emerged in an effort to get Christina Aguilera’s new video for ‘Dirrty’ off MTV.

The petition states, “We the normal, civilized people that we are, should ban Christina Aguilera latest slut fest video ‘Dirrty’. This should not be aired to kids on MTV! Some of the things shown in the video are sexual dance moves (Christina pounces up and down on a mans crouch). She is show wearing almost nothing, having girls touch her sexually; She has a big ‘shower scene’ in the video where her and tons of girls are taking a shower almost naked together, rubbing each other suggestively, almost a orgy, nudity (We can see Christina’s butt under a skirt) and the songs content is needless to say dirty.”

Check out the petition, and sign if you agree at the link below

If you ask me, it’s not that bad really. If you’re bothered about your kids watching it, then turn MTV off or whenever the video comes on. I will definitely sign the petition if it’s shown on Nickolodeon or on Disney.

Christina Aguilera To Perform For Ecuador’s Former Ambassador

The Washington Times reports Christina Aguilera, who has Ecuadorean roots, and other entertainers will perform for Ecuador’s former ambassador to the United States, Ivonne A-Baki at Trump Plaza.

A-Baki hopes to become Ecuador’s first female leader and then work to eliminate corruption, promote the rule of law, create jobs, and support health and education.

Meanwhile, you can view Christina Aguilera’s planned disc cover for ‘Stripped’ due out in stores late October below

Tarty or arty – You decide.

Let’s Get Dirty With Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s official site has announced that the first single off her upcoming album will be ‘Let’s Get Dirty’.

‘Let’s Get Dirty’ is said to be released mid-September. The video is to be shot in Los Angeles by Paul Hunter at the end of this month.

The track was produced and written by Christina and Rock Wilder, who also produced the hit for the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Lady Marmalade’, with three others chipping in. The song will include Redman who apparently does a rap for the song and will also be seen in the video.

Christina May Have LP Delayed, Plus Seen Snogging Spider-Man

Christina Aguilera may have her next album delayed as she is allegedly battling her record company RCA at the moment.

Christina considers herself older, and hence wants a more mature sound to her songs. However, RCA are reluctant to let Christina give up on her teenage pop and turn to a more rock based sound.

Meanwhile, Christina has been secretly dating Spider-Man movie star Tobey Maguire, according to reports last week.

The singer and Tobey have supposedly been seeing each other in secret for several weeks, but went “public” at Tobey’s 27th birthday celebrations in Hollywood.

A chummy friend of the popstar said “They’re really in love. They couldn’t be more different but you know what they say about opposites attracting.”

The unusual pair-up is the latest in a string of romances for Christina. She was freshly linked with Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl just a while back so am thinking that didn’t go down too well.

Tobey Maguire and Christina Aguilera announced their romance to Hollywood partygoers, including Justin Timberlake and British actress Minnie Driver.

The ‘Come On Over’ vocalistress spent the night snogging her man, and eventually serenaded him with a Monroe-esque rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. A close friend of Tobey’s also said “He has gone head-over-heels for Christina. She’s unlike any girl he has ever met and he’s totally intrigued.”