Petition To Remove Christina Aguilera’s Video Off MTV

A petition has emerged in an effort to get Christina Aguilera’s new video for ‘Dirrty’ off MTV.

The petition states, “We the normal, civilized people that we are, should ban Christina Aguilera latest slut fest video ‘Dirrty’. This should not be aired to kids on MTV! Some of the things shown in the video are sexual dance moves (Christina pounces up and down on a mans crouch). She is show wearing almost nothing, having girls touch her sexually; She has a big ‘shower scene’ in the video where her and tons of girls are taking a shower almost naked together, rubbing each other suggestively, almost a orgy, nudity (We can see Christina’s butt under a skirt) and the songs content is needless to say dirty.”

Check out the petition, and sign if you agree at the link below

If you ask me, it’s not that bad really. If you’re bothered about your kids watching it, then turn MTV off or whenever the video comes on. I will definitely sign the petition if it’s shown on Nickolodeon or on Disney.

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