Ashanti Responds To Tweet’s Negative Remarks

Ashanti has responded to Tweet’s negative remarks in Honey magazine. Tweet, apparently believes that Ashanti is not talented and that her record company, Murder Inc. bought all her records just to propel her to the top of the charts.

“I think Tweet is a good artist” Ashanti said. “I am rooting for young black females and males doing positive things and being successful. But as far as her saying she is more original than Ashanti and thinking she is better than me- I mean that’s all good. She’s confident in herself and has her own opinion, great, but I ain’t never gonna bow down to Tweet.”

Ashanti’s Over-Protective Mother

Looks like Ashanti, when she was much younger, didn’t exactly hang out or, for that matter, date a lot of boys when she was growing up.

Recently, Ashanti revealed how her mom/co-manager Tina was so protective over the ‘Happy’ vocalistress. Ashanti said “In my group of friends, I was always the last one to do something like get phone calls or go to the movies. I’d always have to say to my mom ‘No, it’s only just me, Tiera, and Danielle. It’s just us going.'”

“You know, everybody else would be able to tell their mother, ‘Yeah! Mummy! David’s going and Brian too.’ Can you believe it? I was so mad and all my friends were like, ‘Dag, Shanti’s mother is too over-protective.'”

Beckham Loves Ashanti And More

England captain, David Beckham, or Mr Posh, had a few free cds flown to Japan in order to help him unwind. And it appears that he is a bit of a hip-hopper.

His roll included the new releases from Ashanti, Ja Rule, Christina Milian and Ludacris.

A source close to the Beckhams said “David’s a massive R&B fan. An aide contacted the record label. They agreed to give him the albums for free and they have been flown out to Japan ahead of the Sweden match.”

Now what I’m left wondering is how come he didn’t ask for Victoria’s? Oh well, maybe he’s heard it so many times at home or maybe they’ve got like millions of her discs since she’s now dropped by Virgin because of poor sales of her LPs and singles.

A Whole Number Of Firsts For Ashanti

Dazzling R&B singer Ashanti has become the first female artist to feature on both the No 1 and No 2 single on the US charts.

Ashanti’s new single ‘Foolish’ currently resides at No 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Ashanti also features on ‘What’s Luv’ by Fat Joe, which is the No 2 single in the US this week.

Ashanti is the first female singer to capture the No 1 and No 2 position in the same week, but she can also boast to yet more chart success. Her collaboration with Ja Rule, entitled ‘Always On Time’ is still in the US Top 20.

Ashanti is the first artist to have two consecutive singles enter the chart at No 1 since Christina Aguilera. (Foolish and Ja Rule’s Always On Time)

Furthermore, Ashanti’s debut self titled album has also retained the No 1 spot on the US album charts, making it the first album to make two weeks at US No 1 since Alicia Keys’ ‘Songs In A Minor’ last year.

Ashanti’s album sales have also marked her out as a record breaker, the album became the biggest selling album within one week of sales since Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’, selling a phenomenal 503,000 units. Ashanti’s self titled album is out now.

So y’all know what to do right? You don’t, I hear you say? Well, be sure to request her like crazy of course. Be sure to also check out her latest single ‘Happy’, as previously mentioned on Very cool number that one.

For more Ashanti info, get to her sizzling website pronto ok:

Ashanti – Top Of The Charts

Outselling albums No. 2 and 3 added together, Ashanti S. Douglas, touted as the next Mary J Blige, will debut at No.1 in the United States this week.

Clocking up of over 500,000 sales and counting even as you read this of her debut album this week is the 21 year old striking Ashanti. Her LP is such a hot cake so much so that so far it has sold more than double of Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day Has Come’ at No.2 and the Now Volume 9 compilation disc at No.3.

In a battle of the new soul divas, Ashanti also beat her week’s biggest rival ‘Oops Oh My’ Tweet, whose ‘Southern Hummingbird’ album sold just only around 180,000 units, which entitles her to unveil at a No.4 slot on the US album charts.

Is it any wonder why she’s so popular? She made a huge name for herself singing songs for the soundtrack of ‘Fast And The Furious’, writing songs for big names in the music industry, singing alongside Ja Rule and Fat Joe on hits ‘Always on Time’ and ‘What’s Luv?’ respectively, plus not forgetting her debut single as a solo singer ‘Foolish’ which is a big hit among the ladies and the men as well because of the mafia-like video she has for her single.

Ashanti’s Happy

Ashanti. In French, it means to sing. To Indians, it would mean peace or war, while over in Ghana, there’s an African princess called Ashanti.

To those in the dark, it might seem that the stunning R&B singer Ashanti breezed onto the music scene to instant success, thanks to her collaborations with Ja Rule and Fat Joe and her recent hit single, ‘Foolish’, all of which are riding up the Billboard charts.

“People don’t realize the struggle. They hear the song on the radio and see the video, and it looks easy, but it’s been an eight-and-a-half-year struggle, really” says Ashanti, who had a deal back then with Jive Records, home of Britney, et al. “They were a good company, but I wasn’t feeling the creative vibe from the people I was working with. Ever since then I’ve been doing my own thing, essentially.”

What does she mean by doing her own thing? She co-wrote ‘Spending Time’ for Christina Milian and Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’ with Ja Rule, with whom she teamed up for the infectious ‘Always on Time.’

Now, Ashanti, 21, is getting offers from all over the place to songwrite, including one from Enrique Iglesias. “That’s one of the names. Optimistically, that will go down. A couple of people have been kicking some things in my ear about the lyrics, wanting me to write for them, which is a honour.”Ashanti’s ‘Foolish’ was so phenomenal so much so the release date for her LP was bumped up even though the rest of her remaining cuts were barely finished. “It’s like it’s majorly wanted,” Ashanti says. “The song is blowing up, the demand is out there. I’ve loads and loads and loads of positive feedback. Girls tell me that they all can’t believe I wrote about their lives. So, you do not want to lose the momentum at all. It’s a bona fide good feeling.”

Deliberately, the only guest on Ashanti is her label-mate Ja Rule, who co-wrote one song, ‘Leaving’. “I didn’t want to flood the album with loads of people. I wanted to stand on my own feet and prove I don’t need a lot of artistes to help me along the way.”

Her sophomore solo single ‘Happy’ which she suggested will be dropping in the next few weeks, is also about dropping defences. “It’s just a great vibing record. It’s a feel-good record, especially for the summer, and that’s where we kind of want to gear it towards. I’m talking about how you find that person and you’re searching for him and you’re just happy.”

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Ashanti’s official website can be surfed through at:

Foolish Ashanti Hangs Out With the Mob

Ashanti S. Douglas looks like anything but a girl who loves to cavort with criminals, yet in her video for her new solo single ‘Foolish’, taken off her debut album of the same name, she’s practically married to the mob.

Irv Gotti, who happens to be the CEO of Ashanti’s record label, Murder Inc. and the director of her video, came up with the concept of having the video seem like a mob movie. “I’m going to take women as a given for purchasing an R&B record, but I wanted the guys to love it as well. I want dudes to pioneer Ashanti.”Talking about what ‘Foolish’ is about, Ashanti, Murder Inc.’s first R&B act, said “You’re foolish in a relationship and you keep running back to the guy because you are in love with him.”

The striking Ashanti isn’t exactly an unknown. In 2000, she sang the chorus for Big Pun’s ‘How We Roll’. In 2001, she collaborated with Fat Joe on his ‘What’s Luv?’ single and of course Ja Rule gave her major exposure on the infectious ‘Always On Time’ single that’s currently No.1 on the Billboard charts. Fat Joe has nothing but praises for Ashanti saying that he is expecting big things to happen for her and that everybody should go support her.

Ashanti, who loves giving her songs one-word titles and who has plans to release a remix version of her single soon and call it ‘Unfoolish’, is planning to release her album on the 9th of April. Other memorable tracks to check out from her album would have to be ‘Call’, her favourite track ‘Rescue’ and ‘Happy’ which is likely to be her next single.