Westlife Competes With Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud are set to go up against Westlife in the UK singles chart, with the girls releasing their version of the Pointer Sisters’ 1984 hit ‘Jump’ while the veteran boy band releases ‘Mandy’ on 17 of November.

Louis Walsh, who manages both groups, says his money is on Westlife to acheive a higher poistion on the English charts.

“I only found out myself yesterday that they’re both releasing singles on the same day. But I think it will be Westlife who get to No 1 or something higher than Girls Aloud,” Louis said.

“The girls are competition winners, that’s all they are. Now they’ve got to serve their apprenticeship to prove themselves. They’ve got to mature.”

Jennifer Lopez Wears Turban/Bandana To D&G Book Release Party

Jennifer Lopez, who apppeared wearing something like a turban/bandana, and Pharrell Williams were amongst the stars on hand for Dolce & Gabbana who celebrated the release of their book ‘Hollywood’ last Wednesday at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

Jennifer Lopez said of the turban/bandana “I love this thing. It’s my next must have item. It’s enchanting.”

Meanwhile, check out the pictures here

Atomic Kitten Kick Boxing

The beautiful ladies of Atomic Kitten have apparently gotten bored of sweating away on the treadmill to keep trim. Just what have they turned to instead you ask?

Well, taking a leave out of their tour manager Carl’s book, they have taken to kick boxing.

An insider revealed, “The three of them have hired their own tutor. A couple times a week they put on the white suits and get down to some serious fighting.”

Darlings, you don’t have to sweat it out. You all look fine as it is already. It’s pretty evident in your music video.

Kelly Osbourne Stands Up Fro Her Brother, Jack

Kelly Osbourne of late has been standing up for her brother, Jack.

“I don’t understand why people make going into rehab a bad thing,” she said. “Every single person who wrote something about it probably does drugs.”

“Look, I love my brother like anything and my brother’s a better person to admit that he has a problem and go in and fix it. People should praise him and be like, wow, that’s amazing instead of ooh, that’s stupid.”

Iz U Nelly?

Fresh off the success from the hit, ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather’ featuring P Diddy and fellow St. Lunatic Murphy Lee, Nelly is at the top of the charts with another hit, ‘Iz U’.

It has been the #1 Most Added song at the urban radio radio market.

The new single is the lead off single from Nelly’s next album, ‘Da Derrty Versions (The Reinvention)’, which will be in stores on 25 of November.

Kelly Clarkson Not Fashionable

Entertainment Tonight’s Steven Cojocaru commented on some of the week’s fashion hits and misses, including Jessica Simpson at the G&P ball.

“I thought she looked really beautiful,” Steven revealed. “She looked like a goddess in that gown, and the hair was really nice, curly & sexy!”

On the downside, he said of ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson at the Radio Music Awards “Lovely, sweet, adorable Kelly, wearing this satin monstrosity! She looked like a flight attendant on Air Mars! Can you just say not fashionable?!”

Pink Hates The Gym

Pink got a laugh out of her hit ‘Get The Party Started’ being adopted by Bally Total Fitness Gyms last year and which even spawned its own class and workout video.

“I like to firstly do yoga, kickbox and play sports,” she said.

“I like to skateboard. I don’t like gyms. No offence, but I have many gay friends who love pumping up their bodies and use gyms as a meeting place to meet like minded men. It’s cool for them though but not for me. Can you imagine I’m there sweating away like a pig and these beautiful boys are in place and cavorting away? The torture really. ”

“Anyway, I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) so there is no way you could get me on a treadmill for longer than two minutes.”