Will Young Fans Angry Again

Record label bosses at BMG have dealt Will Youngs’ followers yet another insult. This time, by refusing to set up a fan club for the Pop Idol winner. It’s funny, you would they would set up a fan club for the winner immediately or something.

The latest twist in the Garethgate saga was revealed as Will and Gareth turned up to film a new video together in Blackheath, South East London.

Gareth’s fans had been offered a chance to appear in the promo through his website. Not such thing was apparently mentioned for Will’s fans.

Supporters of the Pop Idol runner-up can also sign up for a membership card, exclusive CD-Rom photos and a photo of their hero for GBP9.99.

So now, Wills’ fans are really extremely furious.

One told the papers “It seems BMG are determined to ignore the fact that Will is very popular too. We have campaigned for them to treat Will like the real Pop Idol winner but everything has fallen on deaf ears.”

Will Young To Sing With Gareth Gates

Will Young and Gareth Gates are to record a duet. They say the two lads will team up for a version of The Beatles’ ‘Long And Winding Road’.

Interesting part is they’re both so busy so much so they’ve got to film each of their parts of the video separately and it will be edited together.

A spokesman told The Sun that both Will and Gareth had wanted to duet on ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’ or ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ but both songs were considered “too smoochy”.

Looks like that single will be released later on in the year so looks like that’s yet another No.1 hit record, huh.

Will Young Writes Songs For First LP

Will Young has written four original tracks for his new album, which he says, aren’t “typical pop songs.” He has been working with songwriter Cathy Dennis to find the right songs for the debut LP.

Will admits he was worried about being written off as someone who only does cover versions. He tells a magazine “It is a worry but then I know what’s coming up with the album. I suppose I think of the bigger picture.

“I’ve written four songs. The latest one is very European, slightly harking back to the ’60s. Cheesy but more tongue in cheek than real cheese – one to listen to in a rowing boat, floating down a river. It’s lovely. I think you should always be conscious of the fact that any job can be short-lived and you should always take steps to make it as long lived as you can.”

“That’s why we haven’t released an album straight away. We’ve taken care to write songs I’m happy with. When we acquire the right songs, then we’ll release the album. It’s all about setting up a long-term future” he said.

Will Young Hopes To Attain US Success As Well

Talks are underway to launch Will, the ‘Pop Idol’ champion, in the United States, according to Simon Cowell who looks after the popstar’s profession.

Simon said he thinks Will may have to change his musical focus if he is to snap up the American audiences.

Speaking to the press, Simon said “He will definitely have longevity. I think he will move from the pop world to singing soul. It’s all about having the right songwriters for Will”.

Can’t wait for more pop idols? Well, Simon did not fail to mention that he’s also busy preparing for the next series of Pop Idol. “We’re going to tweak it slightly so that it will be as big a success as the first time round.”

Will Young’s Out Of The Closet

Selling a total of over 200,000 copies of his double A-side single ‘Evergreen/Anything Is Possible’ in its second week of release, Will Young, the champ from ‘Pop Idol’, has held on to his No.1 spot on the UK chart again this week. His achievements come at a time where he has chosen to come out of the closet, after months of speculation, shocking the ladies and probably pleasing a few chaps out there that he is indeed queer.Insisting that he has never intended to keep his sexual preference a secret, Will said “I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to many people, although I’ve always been discreet,”.

Adding further, the 23 year old singer said “My family and friends have always known. For me it’s normal and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m gay and I’m comfortable with that. I really don’t know what the fuss is about. I always try to be honest with myself and truthful with everyone. Some other media pressure has led me to talk about my private life. I always try to be honest and true to myself and not take life too seriously.”

Will has also added that his manager, Simon Fuller, was glad and was supportive about his “coming out” decision.

Will he, or won’t he?

Will Young’s record company has rejected an offer by BBC TV show Top Of The Pops to allow him to perform a medley of his current number one singles on this week’s programme.

Will currently tops the UK charts with his double-a single of Anything is Possible and Evergreen. Record label BMG want him to perform both songs, but this is highly unusual, especially given the show only last 30 minutes.

Talks will continue this week, otherwise it could mean we’ll only see a video of Will on this week’s show.

Do you think he should get special treatment and perform both tracks?

Will Young smashes records!

Will Young, the winner of ITV talent show Pop Idol, has stormed to the top of this week’s UK Singles Chart.

His double A-sided single was so popular that it has sold a staggering 1,108,269 copies in the first week of release. This smashes the previous record to give Will the title of Fastest Selling UK Single in the entire history of the UK charts.

The double-A side contains the tracks Evergreen & Anything Is Possible.Columbian export Shakira came in 2nd place on this week’s charts – but sales of her single “Whenever Whenever” only managed to sell one tenth that of Will Young’s single.

There is currently some controversy as to whether Will shall appear on this week’s Top Of The Pops television show. The BBC’s flagship music program has been asked by Will’s management to allow him to perfom both of the double A-sided tracks. However, the BBC has never allowed any artist to perform more than one song per show. We’ll keep you updated – check back with us for more info!

Anything Is Possible for Will Young

Will Young. You better get used to this name. He is of course, the victor of the smash reality-based television star search show ‘Pop Idol’, and has at last released his debut single, ‘Evergreen/Anything Is Possible’.

The former politics student, who seems to be rather individualistic and is surely going to prove that he’s not just a mere one-hit wonder, is all set to cruise into the No 1 spot this Sunday, the 3rd of March. The top position, now currently occupied by Westlife, will most likely not last, what with reports predicting record-breaking sales for Will’s single. The double A-side is also set to be the fastest selling debut in British history. Advance orders of Wills’ singles are reported to top 1.2 million, a lot more than Hear’Say’s ‘Pure and Simple’.So what it really means, essentially, is that Will Young, 23, who hails from Hungerford, Berkshire, is most probably going to have a No.1 position on the UK charts come 3rd of March.

Industry insiders have also predicted that Will stands to make a stonking GBP5 million over the next year, through record sales, merchandising and endorsements.

And just in case you’re wondering and thinking about finding more information about the ‘Pop Idol’ champion on the web, well, there are definitely no problems there. Type his name in any search engine and you’re bound to find loads of sites dedicated to the ”popidol”. Believe it or not, there’s even a queer site made with Will in mind. Anyway, here is his official site: www.wyoung.co.uk.