Kylie Picks Nelly

Kylie said, speaking to an Indian journalist recently about her recent photo session with Nelly “Well, I’m not sure if he was a bit shy with me. I thought, ‘Hey you’re going to do a million of these so, hey, get ready’. He’s got loads of bling bling, millions of clothes and I got two dresses, by the way which were stunning so I didn’t have a problem.”

“The photographer was like ‘Nelly you go there and Kylie you hurl yourself on him’. And I said if there’s anything uncomfortable, Nelly, because I was getting quite close to him, let me know.”

And Nelly was Kylie’s personal pick. “I was a big fan. I got to choose who I wanted to be photographed with and I said Nelly.”

Kylie Minogue Is Close Pals With Kelly Osbourne

Kylie Minogue has become close pals with Kelly Osbourne while the pair were doing radio show tours.

“Kylie has quickly become a kind of mother figure to Kelly and has even been telling her off for her foulmouthed outbursts” an insider revealed.

“She thinks Kelly is very funny. They have the same sense of humour and interests. They went shopping together on Thursday and hang out together after each show.”

Kylie also has a fan in Kelly’s mother Sharon, who has invited them to dinner at the family’s mansion in Los Angeles.

Kylie’s Hot Pants Real Story

Kylie Minogue’s stylist William Baker tells the papers that it was pure chance that the singer found the pair of hot pants that are famous for relaunching her career in the ‘Spinning Around’ video.

“Her friend Kat got them from a market stall ages ago” says William.

“Kylie wore them to a Tarts, Nerds and Tourists fancy dress party ages ago and then forgot about them” William said. “It was the night before the video shoot for her ‘Spinning Around’ single and I went round to Kylie’s place to do my usual trick of ransacking all her cupboards to see what gems she might have tucked away.”

“And that’s when I found the pants. Look at her now.”

Kylie’s Greatest Hits Will Out In November

The tracklisting for the new version of Kylie Minogue’s Greatest Hits has been revealed.

Released through Jive on the 18th of November, the double CD will feature all of the striking elfin of a superstar’s Stock Aitken Waterman-produced hits from ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ through to ‘Celebration’.

Of more interest to Kylie devotees, the second CD will feature a load of rare and previously unreleased remixes, including a brand new 2002 remix of her 1989 No. 1 ‘Hand On Your Heart’.

A DVD collection of her PWL hits will also be released at the same time. November is looking set to be a pricey one for Kylie fans who can also get their hands on a reissue of her ‘Fever’ album, which comes complete with a bonus remix CD, plus her new live DVD which was filmed during her Fever tour in Manchester earlier this year.

Kylie To Release Single Penned By Madonna

Kylie Minogue is set to release her new single ‘Alone Again’, a song penned by pop queen Madonna.

The track, which is expected to be released as a double a-side with ‘Come Into My World’, will be the last single from her million-selling ‘Fever’ album.

“I don’t think she’s ever given a song of hers to another artist” Kylie said. “It’s quite rare.”

Kylie, who is currently finishing her world tour in Australia, plans to take a short break before she starts work on another album.

“I wouldn’t do another tour at least for another year” she said. “I’m glad I’m finishing this tour and I’m not suffering exhaustion like last time” she said.

“I’ve taken better care of myself. I want to have a break, but I’m not so good at taking a break. I really have to make myself take some time off.”

Kylie will appear on a string of radio shows in the US after her tour and she is preparing to release a Fever DVD and pictorial book, ‘La La La’.

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Kylie Minogue Does Indeed Have Cellulite

Pop vocalistress Kylie Minogue has revealed that she does actually have cellulite. The claims will get a thumbs up from women around the world but her male fans will greet the news with shock.

The Australian’s flimsy outfits have helped her soar back to the top of the charts. Her glittering hot pants have become legendary among tabloid newspapers. With all those sexy duds that she wears, people have long wondered whether or not she does possess cellulite. Mel B, in a previous article, went on to say that Kylie did do plastic surgery.

Kylie admits most photographs of her are so airbrushed that they bare scant resemblance to the real Kylie.

“Cellulite is there already. It’s only faint, but if I squeeze my thighs I can see it. I just make sure my lights are in the right place,” the 34 year old said.

The elfin star, who rejects Mel B’s accusations on the whole she having cosmetic surgery, went on to say that she is open to the idea of plastic surgery or so-called soft surgery such as Botox injections.

“I’m not averse to it. If someone feels they have to live up to a certain image then I can kind of understand that pressure. I’m considered to be one of those images and I know how unreal they are” she told Marie Claire magazine.

Other glamour icons such as Jerry Hall and Naomi Hall have been pictured with the dreaded dimpled skin around their thighs. But few are as willing as Kylie to admit that many of their official photographs are airbrushed.

Well done Kylie.

Kylie Minogue And Vinnie Jones In A Film

Kylie Minogue will make her acting comeback with hard man Vinnie Jones in a new ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ movie. After a series of box office duds, Kylie hopes she’ll have better luck with ‘Guns, Money And Home Cooking.’

According to the press, Kylie and Vinnie will play bank robbers who flee to a remote lighthouse after a heist goes wrong. They seek refuge with an eccentric old lady played by Dame Joan Plowright but find themselves being held hostage.

Filming will start later this year after Kylie finishes her tour.

A source close to Kylie said: “Most of the films she has been involved with have been complete flops and she is desperate to crack the big screen. ‘Guns, Money And Cooking’ has the potential to be a big hit and is in the same vein of as ‘Lock, Stock’.”

Word has it that after ‘Guns’, Kylie will work on another film, ‘The Snow Queen,’ immediately and will star alongside Joely Richardson.

Kylie’s Hopes Are Crushed

Just when hopes of reconciliation was on Kylie Minogue’s mind last week, it appears that her former boyfriend James Gooding has gone back to his old womanizing ways again.

James looked glum when he turned up solo at the Star Wars premiere but his eyes lit up when he met his best friend-turned-lover Edith Bowman at the after party. This is in accordance with the papers.

According to onlookers, they looked close and disappeared for an hour and a half. James raised eyebrows when he openly flirted with Edith during ‘An Audience With Kylie’ last year.

Friends say Edith is the only reason Kylie and James split.

Do us a major favour Kylie. Please tosh James away. You clearly can get any man you want. Being single is so much fun anyway. If he’s cheated on you before, there’s no telling he’s not going to do it again and this, Kylie, will break your heart even more and it’s going to hurt a whole lot.

Kylie’s Heartache

Kylie Minogue, the pint-sized Aussie queen of Pop, will continue on her UK tour in Brimingham Monday night, nursing a broken heart.

Last week, she split from her long-time boyfriend James Gooding, citing photographs in the press of James with various girls as being a big factor in her decision. And who can blame her? James was photographed coming out of clubs and parties with sociallite Beverley Bloom, Sophie Dahl and Kylie-lookalike model Rosemary Ferguson. It’s reported that when Kylie confronted James with the photographic evidence, he would deny anything was going on. So, Kylie decided enough was enough.

We wish Kylie well – her brand new single – Love At First Sight – is due out at the end of month.

Elton John critisizes Kylie Minogue and George Michael

Never one to keep his mouth shut, Elton John has spoken out about his pop peers, taking a swipe at pals George Michael and Kylie Minogue along the way.

Speaking to a magazine, the flamboyant rock legend said that, even though he thinks George is an amazing talent, he was disappointed by the former Wham! singer’s recent single Freeek!: “I just don’t think it was very good. And I love George. I honestly think he’s the most talented writer to come out of Britain in the last ten or 15 years, but I think he finds it hard to write and be productive. I just don’tthink Freeek! was his best song, but that’s OK – we’ve all made those kind of records.”

Turning to Kylie, whose album Fever pipped Elton’s Songs From The West Coast to the No. 1 spot last September, the Rocket Man said that, while he thought Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was great, he wasn’t too impressed by her album: “I love Kylie’s single, but I didn’t think the album was very good. I think she’s brilliant at what she does and she’s every man’s dream. Even I think she’s a gorgeous girl.”