Kylie Minogue Does Indeed Have Cellulite

Pop vocalistress Kylie Minogue has revealed that she does actually have cellulite. The claims will get a thumbs up from women around the world but her male fans will greet the news with shock.

The Australian’s flimsy outfits have helped her soar back to the top of the charts. Her glittering hot pants have become legendary among tabloid newspapers. With all those sexy duds that she wears, people have long wondered whether or not she does possess cellulite. Mel B, in a previous article, went on to say that Kylie did do plastic surgery.

Kylie admits most photographs of her are so airbrushed that they bare scant resemblance to the real Kylie.

“Cellulite is there already. It’s only faint, but if I squeeze my thighs I can see it. I just make sure my lights are in the right place,” the 34 year old said.

The elfin star, who rejects Mel B’s accusations on the whole she having cosmetic surgery, went on to say that she is open to the idea of plastic surgery or so-called soft surgery such as Botox injections.

“I’m not averse to it. If someone feels they have to live up to a certain image then I can kind of understand that pressure. I’m considered to be one of those images and I know how unreal they are” she told Marie Claire magazine.

Other glamour icons such as Jerry Hall and Naomi Hall have been pictured with the dreaded dimpled skin around their thighs. But few are as willing as Kylie to admit that many of their official photographs are airbrushed.

Well done Kylie.

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