The Tide Is High And Atomic Kitten’s Liz Can’t Find A Fellah

The ladies from Atomic Kitten have just revealed their brand new single’s title and it’s called ‘Tide Is High’. It’s a wicked new version of the classic track made famous in the early 80s by the legendary Blondie will be the second single to be taken from the Kittens’ forthcoming new album, scheduled to be released later in the year. Tracklisting and format info is soon to be confirmed, and the girls are filming the video for the track in the next few weeks.

Moving on, Atomic Kitten singer Liz McLarnon has revealed that she is fed up with being single.

While fellow Atomic Kitten singers Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost are engaged Liz remains single and not too happy.

“I’ve been single for a while and it’s getting boring” Jenny told a newspaper. “A cute fellah working at the hotel gave me the eye” she explained, “but I didn’t have time to do anything. How annoying is that?”

Liz had a brief fling with Blue’s Lee Ryan recently but has since experienced a quieter love life. She said “I am definitely single. And I’m on the lookout for a man.”

The singer recently told all that she’d like to hang out with more single pop sensations. Liz told us “Kylie, if you’re watching, we’ll go out and have some bevvies and pull some fellahs! With your bum and my chat up technique we’ll be unstoppable.”

Atomic Kittens Claw At Rockers

Atomic Kitten have bitten back at accusations that they are just another manufactured pop band.

“We’re just making music and not offending anyone,” Jenny told the papers. “But when people get on our cases – it’s when other bands say ‘pop’s crap and Atomic Kitten aren’t real’ – it’s like ‘get a life’.”

She continued, muttering “There’s so many guitar bands out there and they don’t get compared to each other. Why is that so really? It’s crappy.”

“And I think their music’s all the same,” added Tash. “And they shout down the mic. You’re boring. We don’t go out and say we write our own songs and then go and do a cover version. Not mentioning any names.”

The trio – including glowing pregnant member Tash – were speaking to the papers prior to the release of their brand new single ‘It’s OK’ which is slated to drop into all good music stations on the May 20th and it looks set to be another smash hit for the ladyband.

Got to agree with the Atomic Kitten ladies on the rock music scene.

Atomic Kitten Vs. Sugababes

Atomic Kitten members Liz and Natasha have told all that Sugababe’s Heidi Range was never a member of the Kittens.

Kitten Liz McLarnon was quoted as muttering “Heidi was in an earlier band with me and Kerry but we weren’t Atomic Kitten then.” Natasha then added “I wish people would stop saying Heidi was in Atomic Kitten. She was never in Atomic Kitten ok. No way.”

Natasha said Heidi made the decision to leave their band to head in an R&B direction.

But the Kittens, who release a new single, entitled ‘It’s OK’, on 20 May, brushed aside suggestions of a spat with chart opponents Sugababes, despite recent reports of vicious girl group rivalry. They also confirmed that Heidi Range left the previous line up for reasons of her own and was not pushed out of the band.

Less than a copule of weeks back, Heidi told the press that she left the band because it wasn’t heading in the direction she wanted.Meanwhile Kitten Liz praised their No 1 Single, Freak Like Me, saying, “I think the Sugababes single is a wicked tune. It’s sound. They’ve got wicked voices too and it deserves to be No 1.”

It was also recently reported that Sugababes told a leading publication that popular chart opponents Atomic Kitten had slagged them off left, right and center for no rhyme or reason. They didn’t do anything to or even say anything that would make them feel like slagging the Sugababes was a right thing to do. But since they did it first, the Sugababes have dissed them as well.

Mutya was then quoted as saying “They’re wannabes and we’re real. We all have the ability to have solo careers. They just don’t”. She ranted further “They said we looked like their arses and we should get jobs in Sainsbury’s.”

Meanwhile, Heidi rushed to act as a possible peacemaker. She’s been quoted as saying the Kittens are ‘Good at what they do’ and that ‘Natasha’s really talented.’