Atomic Kittens Claw At Rockers

Atomic Kitten have bitten back at accusations that they are just another manufactured pop band.

“We’re just making music and not offending anyone,” Jenny told the papers. “But when people get on our cases – it’s when other bands say ‘pop’s crap and Atomic Kitten aren’t real’ – it’s like ‘get a life’.”

She continued, muttering “There’s so many guitar bands out there and they don’t get compared to each other. Why is that so really? It’s crappy.”

“And I think their music’s all the same,” added Tash. “And they shout down the mic. You’re boring. We don’t go out and say we write our own songs and then go and do a cover version. Not mentioning any names.”

The trio – including glowing pregnant member Tash – were speaking to the papers prior to the release of their brand new single ‘It’s OK’ which is slated to drop into all good music stations on the May 20th and it looks set to be another smash hit for the ladyband.

Got to agree with the Atomic Kitten ladies on the rock music scene.

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