George Thorogood & The Destroyers “Ride ‘Til I Die” – New Release

(NYC) George Thorogood and the Destroyers ‘Ride ’til I Die’ marks the release of their 11th Album GT&D’s First with Eagle Records.

The release of Ride ’til I Die will take place on March 24 in Europe and March 25 in The USA. The Band will kick off the 2003 touring season with 2 shows in Lake Tahoe on March 14, and March 15. This will be followed by a live broadcast from the Rockline Studios in LA on March 19, the broadcast will air on all Rockline affiliated stations.

Imagine never having heard a single song by George Thorogood & The Destroyers. As improbable as that may be, the band suggests you impose that mindset as you sit down to listen to their eleventh studio album, ‘Ride ’til I Die’, their first on Eagle Records.From the day they began playing their rough and tumble blues based rock back in Wilmington, Delaware, Thorogood and his cohorts have made a point to keep it basic, keep it simple, and above all, keep it fun. Twenty five years later, with the release of ‘Ride ’til I Die’, they’re justifiably proud of having done just that, though this time around they’ve added some new wrinkles that even die hard fans will find both surprising and intriguing. The title underscores George’s philosophy about performing the music that has become his life’s work, but by no means does he consider it to be anything but a work in progress. ‘I’m having a better time now than ever before’, laughs Thorogood. ‘I may be 50, but I’m still kickin’ it and don’t even want to think about stopping.’

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Photo Info: Sitting Left to right, Mike Carden, President Eagle Records & Executive Vice-President Eagle Rock Entertainment Inc., George Thorogood, Lindsay Brown Director of International Sales & Marketing Eagle Vision and Managing Director Eagle Records, worldwide. Standing from left, Jeff Simon, Bobby Z A&R Consultant to Eagle Records, Bill Blough, Hank Carter, Jim Suhler and Jim Gaines our producer.

George Thorogood and the Destroyers ‘Ride ’til I Die’ marks the release of their 11th Album GT&D’s First with Eagle Records.

Five For Fighting Lead Fellah Hopes For Band Feel On Follow-Up Release

Five For Fighting will soon enter the studio to record the follow-up to its 2000 release, ‘America Town’, featuring the single, ‘Superman (It’s Not Easy)’. Group mastermind John Ondrasik tells a webpage that he hopes the next album will have more of a collaborative feel.

“I think it’s gonna be a little more groovy. You know, the last record was basically me sitting by myself with an acoustic guitar or sitting at a piano. It was very singer-songwriter. And even though, you know, obviously songs, and my singing will be a big element of any record I do, it’s much more of a band record. I’m making this record with a band and not a bunch of hired guys or session guys.”

Melanie C And Her New Material

Melanie C has announced that the first single from her upcoming brand-spanking new album, ‘Reason’, will be ‘Here It Comes Again’ and it is all set to be released on the 24th of February.

The track will get its first radio play come the 10th of January but you’ll be able to hear an exclusive preview on her official website on the 6th of January.

Click on the link below to see her shooting her video in Los Angeles, US of A.


For more details, visit the former Sporty Spice at her homepage here.

OTV, England’s New Pop Boy Group

England’s newest boy group, OTV which stands for One True Voice, has been unveiled finally when Chris Park, 20, of Newcastle, became the last contestant to leave ITV’s Popstars – The Rivals after a public vote on Saturday.

OTV’s line-up now include

Keith Semple

Jamie Shaw

Anton Gordon

Matt Johnson

Daniel Pearce

OTV are due to release a single in time for the race to secure the Christmas number one chart slot.

The show continues next week when the search for the final five members of an all-girl band comes to an end.

Second Chance Idol For Fallen Popstars

Simon Fuller, the man behind Pop Idol, is planning a new series to give fallen popstars a second chance.

Second Chance Idol will give former pop and rock stars the chance to compete for a new recording contract.

Simon Fuller says the show could be on UK television as early as February and in America next summer.

He tells Time magazine that the show could give new life to the reality TV formula. “In England, the bubble’s already about to burst” he said.

R&B Star to Australian Download King

American R&B sensation Eryk is planning to return with his first new album in count them; 5 years, the singer is in the recording studio working on his the album which is scheduled for an early release in 2003, according to his website, new songs include “Fame,” “Wrecking,” “Letting You Go,” and “Can You Help Me,” which makes Eryk the Australian King of Acoustic music this week, “Can You Help Me,” (which features an appearance from Stacy of the popular American rock band Spout) enters the Australian Digital Acoustic chart at #2 and Australian Digital Pop chart at #6, making the song the highest debut on both music charts.

Australia isn’t the only place where “Can You Help Me,” seems to be getting action, it’s also #8 most heard song Latin American radio after just 5 weeks on the radio charts (last week #7), the song is #2 in Chile and Bolivia with no promotion on Eryk’s part.

According to the Music Industry News Network “Can You Help Me”,” was never going to be released and there were no plans for the track to appear on Eryk’s forthcoming album, but it seems things have changed since the song has started to become a runaway hit. Be on the look out, Eryk is driving away with a #1 hit, now all we need is another video!

Hazel Kaneswaran Close To Inking Deals

Hazel Kaneswaran says she has been inundated with offers of a record deal.

The singer, who gave birth to a baby boy last week, was eliminated from the competition for being ten days over the age limit.

But she says the judges’ decision means she is destined to become a solo artist.

She is now planning to take the rest of the year off before starting work in January.

“Obviously at first I was devastated by the fact I wasn’t going to be in the final ten” she told Heat magazine.

“But the more I thought about it, the more I realised it was a positive thing actually. As far as I’m concerned this has happened for a reason. Polydor Records are interested in me; they have been from the start of the auditions.”

“The actual offer hasn’t come in yet, but I’m sure it will. At this stage I’m getting offers from everywhere too but the baby is the priority at the moment.”