Ms Dynamite Fights With Her Manager, Desi G

Ms Dynamite has been fighting with her manager, Desi G, lately.

Tension between the two has apparently got so bad in recent months that Ms Dynamite has even come to blows with Desi, amid claims that he has criticised her attitude to her work.

The arguments and blows escalated to an all-time high over her refusal to duet with Craig David at the Brit Awards, happening later this month.

A label source has told the papers “Desi has always tried to do the best for Ms Dynamite but she is a very strong-minded girl. He has expressed concern about her attitude to her blossoming career. This may have big ramifications on her future.”

Lazy Craig David Shaves His Goatee Off

Craig David has shaved off that infamous goatee of his. Why? Apparently he said he was lazy.

Earlier this week, he unveiled his new look at a charity do at London’s Old Vic this week, and told the press “I just fancied a change and I really like it. If you’re going to have a beard, you can’t do it half-heartedly.”

It has been said that the garage groover used to spend 40 minutes a day styling his chin growth. He’s sick and tried of having to do it day in and day out.

“I’m a lazy fellah you know. It was all fine in the beginning but lately, I just got plain lazy having to do the same routine I go through just to keep that goatee of mine.”

Velvet Empire, Avril Lavigne Excited About Canadian Idol

The Canadian press reports auditions for CTV’s new ‘Canadian Idol’ series have been scheduled for seven cities beginning in April, but judge Simon Cowell will not be on the panel.

“He’s tied up with the American show until the end of May,” said Rick Lewchuk, CTV’s senior vice-president of program planning and promotion.

Meanwhile, Canadian stars like Avril Lavigne, Velvet Empire and more are said to be very excited at the news that Canada’s going to have its very own idol.

Velvet Empire said they all felt very happy at the prospect of seeing and following the show religiously.

Avril was quoted as saying “It’s going to be interesting. It’ll be fun to watch.”

Noel Gallagher Backs Michael Jackson

Oasis singer/songwriter Noel Gallagher has backed Michael Jackson after the documentary on the singer aired last week, causing some controversy.

“Look, any man that has got a fairground in his backgarden and can say to a child, ‘I’m going to build a water park behind that mountain’, well, we all have to give him a round of applause.”

“He seems like a very passionate and caring father so let’s not tear him up.”

He described the Martin Bashir documentary as “typical British effing journalism.”

P Diddy Spends Big For His Fashion Show

Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs reportedly spent $75,000 for the 1000 invitations for his Sean John Fashion Week show that occurred on the 8th of February at Cipriani 42nd Street.

The invite was an elaborate pull-drawer box, stamped with the Sean John logo in black foil, which contained a black-on-black T-shirt emblazoned with the words HARD, SEXY & BEAUTIFUL.

Tags hanging from the shirt were used for seat assignments and entry to the show.

The source says last year’s show set Puffy back $1.2 million, “and it will and judging from the look of things around here, it must have definitely exceeded that amount this year.”

See Stills From Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Johnny English’

The Sun has a pair of publicity stills from Natalie Imbruglia’s debut film role ‘Johnny English’.

The singer/actress says of her role in the James Bond style flick “The fight scenes were really great. I do a bit of kickboxing in my spare time so I really enjoyed that head-butting of walls!”

“I play Lorna and Lorna’s a very fun role to play. I got to do so many different things like to dance, to fight and to ride motorbikes. What more could a girl from Australia ask for?”

Here are a couple of stills,,4-2003061611,00.html

Jessica Simpson Gets Madonna’s Manager

Jessica Simpson has hired Madonna’s longtime manager Caresse Henry to co-manage her career along with her father, Joe Simpson.

“I see the tremendous talent of Jessica Simpson and believe that she has a long music career ahead of her. I look forward to working with her and evolving her as an artist,” said Caresse.

The blonde vocalistress will still be managed by her father in some areas of her career, and she is currently in the studio working on her third album, due in late spring.

“We are thrilled to have Caresse on the team,” said Joe Simpson. “The experience she brings will be a tremendous asset for Jessica’s career. She did good for Madonna right?”Part of the reason Caresse Henry is joining jessica Simpson’s management team may have to do with Jessica’s last album, ‘Irresistible’. The set was released in June 2001, just a few months prior to events of September 11, which put a damper on music sales overall.

The singer told a webzine that she wasn’t very comfortable with the set to begin with. “My last album didn’t really reflect me as a person,” she said.

“It was about, you know, heartbreak and you cheating on me, and it just wasn’t me. That’s not me at all.”

“I’m like a hopeless romantic who’s very positive and, you know, I think that this is the way it’s supposed to be.”

50 Cent On How Working With Eminem Was Like

The press recently interviewed 50 Cent, one of 2003’s promising new star on how it was like working with Eminem.

“I’m starting to figure it out. I think that what happened to Eminem happened so fast that he hasn’t even really realized how big he is,” 50 Cent said.

“He’s still down to earth and humble, despite the fact that he can rap circles around the game. He’s so talented sometimes it can become annoying. Plus he can’t really toot his own horn, it makes people uneasy, but I can. Essentially, the boy is No 1.”

“We’re alike in a lot of ways, he speaks a lot from his life experience, otherwise you wouldn’t know who Kim was. I do the same, it’s just a little more gunplay, more life-threatening situations.”

50 Cent’s hot number ‘In Da Club’ is currently burning up the Billboard charts.

Mya On Whether It Was Stressful Auditioning For ‘Chicago’

“You know what the audition process was really strange for me. They asked me to improvise and learn a dance piece within an hour but I was dancing since I was about 3 years old so I guess that condition prepared me” said the very sexy vocalistress Mya when she got asked whether or not it was stressful auditioning for musical ‘Chicago’.

“I was really nervous when I finally got into rehearsals with Catherine, Richard and Queen Latifa. You never think of that going into the situation but it was really educational and I had a good time, you know. So it was all good.”

Avril Lavigne Goes Five Times Platinum In The US Of A

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Avril Lavigne’s debut ‘Let Go’ has been certified five times platinum, making the pint-sized 18 year old Canadian singer’s album one of the top 10 best-selling debuts by a female artist, according to the Recording Industry Association of America certifications for last month.

When told of her success, Avril said “Phwoar, is that for real? Man, that’s so effing rocky! I am happy.”