Nicole Appleton Still Has Differences With Former All Saints Members

BBC3 will be airing a documentary on the Appleton sisters in February where Nicole admits that the differences with former All Saints bandmates Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt hasn’t been cleared up.

“I did see them in my late stages of pregnancy and just after I gave birth to Gene but there was nothing there” Nicole said.

“It was just because they had to show to the world that they did care about me but it wasn’t real. It wasn’t like a real friend coming to see me.”

Kylie Picks Nelly

Kylie said, speaking to an Indian journalist recently about her recent photo session with Nelly “Well, I’m not sure if he was a bit shy with me. I thought, ‘Hey you’re going to do a million of these so, hey, get ready’. He’s got loads of bling bling, millions of clothes and I got two dresses, by the way which were stunning so I didn’t have a problem.”

“The photographer was like ‘Nelly you go there and Kylie you hurl yourself on him’. And I said if there’s anything uncomfortable, Nelly, because I was getting quite close to him, let me know.”

And Nelly was Kylie’s personal pick. “I was a big fan. I got to choose who I wanted to be photographed with and I said Nelly.”