V Fancy Nadia Almada Of Big Brother Fame, Nadia To Release Single

The boys from V like Nadia Almada of Big Brother fame very much and they have always wanted her to win the whole shebang. The others they say were just too boring. Either that or they were just plain disgusting.

Aaron said “The band and I have come to the conclusion that Nadia’s pretty attractive and she never lets practicality get in the way of glamour.”

“I was thinking the other day if I would like to get off with Nadia? And the answer I think was that I probably would. I would definitely snog her.”

“I’m glad she’s releasing a single. Can’t wait. Pop music is going to be so much fun!”

That’s right. The Portuguese transsexual is planning to release a single, according to newspaper reports. The 27 year old, who captured the public imagination with her gender swap secret and throaty cackle, is being teamed up with a top production team.

Danny Kirsch, the man behind Charlotte Church’s top ten hit The Opera Song, and Stuart Langelan have already penned a track for her. An insider told The Sun “They are two top songwriters and have met with record label bosses who agree that with Nadia on board it can’t fail.”

The V Boys Have Monthly Sack, Back And Crack Wax

V’s Mark, Leon, Antony, Aaron, and Kevin took part in a Q&A with teentoday.co.uk, where the guys also questioned each other.

When Mark asked Antony, “Do you shave your balls?”, Mark said “no” but Aaron piped in, “I do.”

Kevin then revealed, “We all have monthly sack, back and crack wax, all 5 of us ‘T that’s a secret for you. It’s in our contracts.”

Laila Rouass Excites V And Blue

The boys from V are all reportedly excited that Footballer Wives’ star Laila Rouass is launching a popstar career.

The Indian beauty is said to be either signing with EMI or Sony within the next couple of weeks and it has got people very excited like the boys from V and Blue.

Kevin said “She’s fantastic. I love her in that show. She’s just to beautiful. We hear she’s going to be a popstar too so am going to be waiting with bated breath for her video! We expect it to be phenomenal and sexy as hell.”

Blue’s Simon said to an online mag “She’s extremely talented. Laila’s going to to be big this year. I’ve heard her sing and it’s something that you all must hear.”