Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lashes Out At Pop Realisty Shows

Porcelain-skinned Sophie Ellis Bextor is lashing out at reality music shows such as Popstars The Rivals, which has created a girl and boy group, Girls Aloud and OTV respectively, to fight each other.

“It’s arrogance to say, ‘We’re going to let the girl and boy bands battle it out’. Choosing stars by voting is an abuse of talents” Sophie said.

“The things that are great about stars are their flaws, the things that make them different, like Michael Jackson and Madonna.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Doesn’t Want To Spend Much Time In USA

While Sophie Ellis Bextor has found some success in America, what with her single ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ burning up the Billboard Dance charts and all, she recently told the press that she has no absolutely no intention of spending much time there.

The stunning vocalistress said “I’ve no desire to spend a massive chunk of my time touring the States. It’s nice to visit but the more time I spend there the more I realise I’m very European.”

“I’m doing well in lots of other countries so I’m afraid America is just going to have to get to the back of the queue.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor To Perform At Europe’s Biggest Gay Festivity

Sophisticated pop princess Sophie Ellis-Bextor is to perform at a New Year’s Eve party at London’s Alexandra Palace.

The event has been organised by the G.A.Y nightclub and is billed as Europe’s biggest gay and lesbian party.

It will also include an indoor fun fair and an ice skating rink, with more live acts to be announced.

Tickets are on sale through

Sophie Ellis Bextor Loves Her New Hair Colour

Sophie Ellis-Bextor checked in with fans on her official forum last week and provided details on her new video, and new hair color.

“Well I have dyed my hair red. I love it” she said. “At first I went kind of auburn, then for the video for the new song, it’s very classic red and I’ve now settled for a raspberry/purple do.”

“I am very happy with it. It is permanent dye. Dark brown is my natural state and I think it suits me the best but I’ve been that colour pretty much non-stop for yonks and I wanted a change. It’s a bit of fun.”


Sophie’s Fans Are Mostly Handsome Men

The New Zealand Herald reports that a recent meet and greet session with fans in New Zealand by Ronan Keating and Sophie Ellis-Bextor drew over 600 fans, though each had a distinct demographic.

Ronan Keating, singer of the recent No. 1 ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, attracted mainly women aged between 20 and 50.

Now, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fans included a lot of handsome men. Of all the men who turned up just for a moment with the beautiful crooner of smash songs like ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’, about 60% of them were gay and the rest straight.

Someone was reported saying “Cute men seem to love her”.

Looks Like Austrlians Can’t Get Over Sophie’s Fashion Sense

Well, with all the money these pop people make, one would be forgiven if they thought they could at least afford a few decent threads to make them look glam and gorgeous!

The latest popstrel to have a visit from the fashion police is the usually-well-turned-out Sophie Ellis Bextor.

The chic chanteuse has been under fire for dressing like a dinner lady for a recent appearance on Australian television. Sophie opted for a dowdy pin-striped outfit that bore quite a strong resemblence to Mrs Mop’s finest granny apron. Aaaaarrgh! Gawd, Just what was she thinking, really?

One Australian worker said “I thought she was supposed to be this stylish Sheila but she looked as though she had come straight from working at a diner.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Rejected Kylie’s Hit Song

Cathy Dennis has revealed that the beautiful Sophie Ellis-Bextor turned down the chance to record her Ivor Novello Award-winning song, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

Speaking during BBC TV’s recent documentary, ‘There’s Only One Kylie’, the singer-songwriter revealed that she and her co-writer, Rob Davis, had initially sent the track to Sophie before she released her debut solo single, ‘Take Me Home’.

However, Ms Ellis-Bextor told them that she didn’t think ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ was for her. Cathy and Rob then sent the track to Kylie, who absolutely loved it and eventually took the tune to the top of the charts across the world.

Anyway, Sophie and Kylie are set to battle it out for the top spot on June 10th, when their respective new singles, ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Love At First Sight’, are released.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Reveals All

Once having posed for delicious-looking pictures for leading men’s magazine, FHM, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, says that she’ll be more than happy to show off a bit of cleavage, all in a bid to boost her image.

She said in her latest interview to the press “You’ve got to use every available tool to set the context for your music. If you want to get saucy, I’m singing with a microphone in front of my open mouth – it’s all fairly phallic.”

Accountable for brill hits like ‘Take Me Home’ and the infectious dance floor number ‘Murder On The Dance Floor’, the model-turned-singer is back in the tabloids with lots of rife gossips that seem to imply that the stunning crooner could very well be pregnant after she was spotted possessing a “noticeable bump” at her sell-out concert in Edinburgh.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Accuses Bond People

Pointing her finger at the producers of ‘Die Another Day’ of using her name to get publicity for the upcoming James Bond film is Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Sometime last year, reports indicated that the gorgeous vocalist-tress had auditioned to play a Bond girl in the 20th 007 picture.

The ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ striking singer has admitted that she did indeed meet up with the people behind the whole Bond franchise but she also was quick to add that she knew right then that there wasn’t a suitable role for her.

“I think the producers were a bit cheeky because I met with the casting director ages ago when it was just an idea of a film” she told a leading UK magazine. “And so we realised that there wasn’t a part for me. There was either this uptight blonde girl or this kind of South American scaling walls type. I really wasn’t either.”

After the initial conversation, Sophie had a couple of further interviews with the Bond people but nothing came of it. Then before she knew it, the tabloids are having a field day claiming that she was fighting for a role in ‘Die Another Day’.

“They started releasing it to the press. I think they were doing it as a way to get publicity for the film. It is a bit naughty really because there were headlines left, right and centre saying “Will it really be Sophie?” knowing jolly well I haven’t been in contact with any of them for months now.”