Soluna On N’Sync, Aaliyah

Speaking to reporters, the ladies from Soluna were saying that one of the most amazing celebrities they’ve met was actually Aaliyah, whom they bonded and partied with till the wee hours of the morning at one of P Diddy’s parties, before she met with a tragic end.

Jessica Jones said “She was awesome. Just simply beautiful. It’s a pity she’s no longer around.”

Jessica also said that she prefers the boys from N’Sync than Backstreet Boys. She said “Yeah, they are one of the groups that me and the other girls all agree to listen to when we are together. They’re very hardworking, you know. We’ve decided that if they allow, we would most unquestionably like to open and support them on tours and stuff.”

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For All Things Soluna

If you look hard enough somewhere between the sun and the moon you will find Soluna and when you find it, chances are you will be overjoyed. That’s because Soluna is DreamWorks Records’ newest and sexiest, in every single sense of the words, Latin pop sensations.

The gifted and exotic Soluna consists of four members, namely America Olivio, Jessica Castellanos, Christina “T” Lopez and Aurora Rodriguez and together, they bring with them their breathtaking vocal abilities in both English and Spanish, found on their debut LP, out already in stores in the US.

When asked how the title Soluna, a combination of the Spanish words Sol (sun) and Luna (Moon) came about, Jessica states “We wanted to find a name that would express our personalities and the different colors of our music. We chose Soluna because it suggests the contrast of the sun and the moon. The sun is full of fire and strength, while the moon is romantic, mysterious and sweet. Our music is like that, alternating between power and vulnerability.”

These girls are radiant and so fresh that you just have to request them at your favourite radio outlets. Get those stations to play it if they don’t already. It’s no wonder as to why Soluna’s climbing up the waves swiftly with their offering, entitled ‘For All Time’ in the US of A.

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