Smoke 2 Seven Wants To Be There And Do That

Smoke 2 Seven, a new girl group with their smooth brand of R&B, are hoping to fill the void left by All Saints when the four members of that group went their separate ways.

Challenging to put sassy girl power back into the charts, their pop/R&B debut single ‘Been There Done That’ out on 4th March looks all set to perform just that.The trio, originally called Holy Smoke until they realised that there was another group of the same name and hence decided on Smoke 2 Seven, consists of Jo Perry, Bev Clarke, both 21 years of age and the band was fully completed with the arrival of the baby of the band, 17 year old Vikki O’Neill a couple of months later.

Sampling their debut single taken off their official home on the web located at, it may give them a UK Top 20 chart debut at the very least.