Ladies First Can’t Wait

The U.K charts have been filled with two-step talents, like Mis-teeq, Craig David, So Solid Crew and more. Now be sure to add Ladies First to that list.

Ladies First also known as London duo, Sasha and Mel, are about to secure their virgin hit with ‘I Can’t Wait’, which is already out in stores. Their debut offering is a cover of a 1986 smash by Nu Shooz spiced up with an underground and pop vibes.

According to Sasha “I’m surprised that nobody’s covered it yet. It’s such a brilliant classic. We were lucky enough to come up with the idea to cover it. At the time Pete from Artful Dodger was looking for us who was actually trying to get hold of us to work with. We had this idea and we did it. It was a matter of a week before we had it recorded.”Continuing on the topic on how they put the track together, Mel said “That was a mad time for us. We were nagging our record company saying that we really want to work with Artful Dodger. We love his sound and we love all the tracks plus Craig David was so mind-blowingly wicked. It was our dream but they were like “yeah right, dream on. That’s hundreds of thousands of pounds away from that point”. So we were like “we can see that”. Soon, we got a phone call from Pete who then said let’s get to work girls.”

Mel had this to say about their debut full-length release “It’s nearly finished. You can expect a lot of different flavours all rounded into one. And that one is the Ladies First sound. It’s difficult for us to describe the sound when you’re so involved in it.”

So how did this striking girls form Ladies First? Well, apparently, they met about 7 years ago at a club and then later on they kept running into each other at other events, literally every week. As friends, they partied together till late. Mel and Sasha were doing their own thing by going down for auditions and demo-ing with producers. Soon it got to a point where they began to work together as a duo.