On a Kwest For Success

Steve, Simon, and Tyler are Kwest, a boyband hoping for success this year, and to prove their genre isn’t a dying breed. This is the story of 3 singer-songwriters with the talent, determination, and infectious songs that should lead them ever closer to their dreams.

Three years ago three young guys, from very different backgrounds got together to form what would become an exciting Urban/Pop act. Steve, Tyler, and Simon knew each other from previously projects and blended together perfectly to produce Kwest.

Since forming they have been hard at work in the studio, writing and producing with some well-known industry types who have previously worked with the likes of Big Brovaz and the Sugababes. The end result was an infectious blend of soulful harmonies, memorable lyrics, and spine-tingling music. Listen out for pop, soul, R&B, drum n bass, and rock as it’s all part and parcel of the Kwest sound.

Some of their favourite songs include the up-tempo Deep Down, and the more laid-back I’m Movin On’. They’ve also recently recorded a dark, mysterious club tune, Trapped In A Rhythm, and the Indie tinged ‘Miles To Go’.These songs, and many more have been playing out to thousands of fans over the past three years @ theatre, club, and roadshow events where they have performed alongside chart acts and new talent alike. Recent appearances include the Popshow Showcase Night in London and the Luton Carnival. In their spare time they even represented UK musicians in the National IQ test on t.v, built up a fanbase and appeared on many print/online publications.

And not forgetting 2003, which was an unforgettable year for the band as they supported Westlife on their Greatest Hits tour, an ‘AMAZING’ experience for the band, and just a hint of what’s to come in the future.

For more information on Kwest please check out www.kwestofficial.co.uk.