Ed Case Would Like To Work With Princess Superstar, Anastacia

Ed Case was quoted as saying that there are two artistes he would like to work with and have their vocals on his tracks but it may just not happen.

He said, speaking to the papers “Actually, I would love to work with Princess Superstar and Anastacia.”

“They both have nice vocals and I believe I can work along those voices. But I think nothing like that will happen though. I don’t know why but I think their managers or something like that won’t approve.”

Good Times With Ed Case

Ed Case’s name has been high on the list of next big things and his debut album, ‘Ed’s Guestlist’, has been anticipated for almost as long.

Nearly two years after making Gorillaz a household name with his two-step rework of 2000’s ‘Clint Eastwood’, he finally delivers his 17 collaborations, which supply the missing link between So Solid Crew’s frenetic energy and Artful Dodger’s pop savvy.

From the breezy ‘September Sun’, featuring Spooks singer Ming Xia, to the warp speed bark of So Solid Crew’s MC Harvey on ‘When I Roll’, tunes are as unshakable as they are diverse.

By rights such eclecticism should spell disaster. Miraculously though, he finds a middle ground where both rabid urban battle cries like ‘Who Ya Wanna Be?’ and glistening radio-ready tunes ‘Better Late Than Never’ and ‘Understand Love’ come with sing-along choruses and bass bin flexing rhythm tracks.

‘Good Times’, out in stores already is an excellent purchase. The number features ex-Skunk Anansie singer Skin so grab yours today.

Visit Ed at his authorized webpage, http://www.ed-case.com.