Boyzone’s Keith Duffy Manages Boyband, Broken Hill

Former Boyzone stud Keith Duffy has taken a leaf out of Ronan’s book and decided to co-manage a boyband, entitled Broken Hill, made up of five boy pop fans like Andy, Marc, Enzo, Jon and Jay-B, all aged somewhere between 18-21 years.

Broken Hill? Out of the ordinary name for a “po-yband” if you ask me. But then again, this is me who said the same thing when Westlife first started out. Anyway, I digressed. Broken Hill – named after the location where Boyzone shot the video for their single, ‘Isn’t It A Wonder’ – are from Dublin who came together over the last year or so. Eventually, they hooked-up with Keith, who saw immediately that they had potential and, without hesitation, took them under his wing.

“If it was down to sheer talent then these boys would be number one all over the place,” Duffy says in a post on the “po-yband’s” official website, located proudly at

“I truly believe that they have what it takes and I wouldn’t waste time on them if they didn’t. There’s been a tremendous reaction to them at any of the gigs they’ve played and we’re already talking to a number of record companies.”Keith also revealed that fellow Boyzone bandmate Mikey Graham is keen to produce tracks for the boys.

If you’re into boybands or you just want to go see cute young chaps, then head on down to their official site ASAP. The link’s above and you can read how they met, how they finally hooked up with Keith and all that. I’m pretty sure the Broken Hill’s cybersite will undergo a change real soon so before it shuts down for construction work, be in the know yeah.