Aurora are Dreaming

British pop/dance group Aurora are back with a brand new single on Monday called “Dreaming”.

You’ll probably remember them from their 2 previous hits on Positiva called “Hear You Calling” and “Ordinary World”. Well, Sacha and Simon are back with a new permanent lead singer, Lizzy, and a new sound. Having heard some tracks from the new album – it’s definetly different from their previous singles and it should open them to a new audience.

The single’s released on enhanced CD, DVD and cassette, which include the video, acoustic versions of the 2 previous hits, interview footage, a medley of tracks from the forthcoming album, and a remix from Goldtrix. That mix is also on the 12″ format, which is released on April 8th, and also includes a remix by Stella Browne.

Why not visit their new website (which you can do by clicking here), where you can hear “Dreaming”, along with other tracks from their new album.