Alex Parks Dating, New Songs Soon

The stylish and talented and victor of Fame Academy 2, Alex Parks is in a relationship with the lead singer of the recently parted pop/rock band Speedway.

The band, fronted by singer Jill Jackson, split with with EMI’s Innocent Records after their most recent single In And Out debuted at No 31. An insider said the band failed to set the charts alight, hence the drop.

Jill, from Paisley, hit the headlines last week when she admitted being in a lesbian relationship with England’s 5th Pop Idol-type show winner, Alex Parks.

Sceptics said the revelation was conveniently timed to prevent the band being dropped, but came too late.

Reportedly, the Cry singer said “We are very much in love. We are really happy. I’m in a good place at this point in my life.”

Alex Parks is in the studios worknig on her second album which insiders say is one of this year’s best albums to purchase.