Jessica Simpson Worries About How People Think About Her Upcoming Album

Jessica Simpson exclosed last week that the progress of her yet-to-be-titled third album on Columbia Records will be finishing real soon so tentatively it may be out in shops sometime in April or May.

“I’m more nervous about it this time,” the vocalistress said, “because I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, are people going to like what I have to say? Are they going to like how I sing it?'”

“You know, because I’m doing some of the vocal production, and, you know, I’m a lot more hands-on. My label actually has stepped back and let me do that, so I’m very excited about it.”

Jessica Simpson Says Hubby Is A Man’s Man

Jessica Simpson spoke with reporters a couple of days back about her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees.

“Nick, in essence, is a very man’s man” Jessica said. “He will just go to Rite Aid and get his lotion and shaving gel.”

“He’s not into this stuff like make-up, blushers, lipsticks et cetera, so I always try to go cosmetic shopping without him.”

“He joins me sometimes but he just stands around and points and says that some colour or shade will look fabulous on me.”

Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Married

After an on again/off again relationship for the past few years, pop star Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey tied the knot on the Saturday of the 26th of October in Austin, Texas.

The two got engaged this February and were wed at the Riverbend Church, a reception followed at the Barton Creek Resort. Country singer Neal McCoy was called in to sing Van Morrison’s ‘Crazy Love’ for the couple’s first dance.

Jessica Simpson and Neal met last year during a tour, where she was impressed with his performance of ‘The Luckiest Man in the World’ which is Neal’s current single.

See the photo released to the media here.

Jessica Simpson’s Poor Sales And Is Disliked By The Rest Of 98 Degrees

It’s been reported all around that Jessica Simpson’s latest offering, ‘This Is The Remix’ has sold very poorly and hasn’t even surfaced the Billboard charts.

The CD is selling as low as $8.99 at and it seems that it only has sales of 4,000 copies.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher was virtually ignored when Jessica Simpson and he were at the taping of That ’70s Show at Malibu’s Paradise Cove Beach Wednesday.

Jessica generously posed for photos with a 14 year old boy and a family on vacation from Japan. “She’s even prettier in person than on TV” gushed one female admirer.

Also, this is just mere gossip but it’s fun to know about nonetheless. Groupies are dishing dirt on Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees fiance Nick Lachey on the forums, including talk that both parties have cheated on each other in the past, as well as renewed talk that Nick’s bandmates don’t like Jessica.

Jessica Simpson To Act In The 70’s Show

Pop singing sensation Jessica Simpson will make her television acting debut when she guest stars in three upcoming episodes of ‘That 70’s Show’.

In the three-episode story-arc, Jessica will portray Annette, Kelso’s (Ashton Kutcher) hot new California girl. In the season premiere episode on Tuesday, 17th of September, Kelso hooks up with Annette while on a trip to California. He is shocked to discover that she is the polar opposite of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Jackie (Mila Kunis) because she’s sweet, supportive and… you guessed it, a virgin.

Pop ingenue Jessica Simpson was just 17 when she made everybody take notice of her musical talents and is normally talked about when you mention teen music sensations of today. Now Jessica Simpson is parlaying her successful singing career into stardom as she embarks on an acting career.

Jessica Simpson Heads Herself Towards A New Musical Direction

Pop hitmaker Jessica Simpson has revealed that she’s bored being a teen star and wants to head her music in a new direction.

Speaking to, the Britney look-a-like, who released her ‘Irresistible’ album in the UK last year, revealed that she was busy writing material herself “My new record that I’m working on right now, it’s going to be called ‘In This Skin’ and it’s just about my life. I get to write it, which is the first time I’ve been able to write my own music, and it’s going to be very inspirational.”

Jessica also explained that the sound of the material will be majorly way different to the pop tracks fans have been used to “My album’s going to be very musical, all live instruments, no programmed stuff. I want my voice to be able to shine for the first time.”

‘In This Skin’ will be freed and found in music shops later on in the year.